5 Law eBooks Every Aspiring Attorney Must Read

Practicing law is not for the faint of heart. The law isn’t perfect, so anyone who aspires to become a lawyer should be prepared to be let down by the justice system on occasion.

Those future letdowns will certainly be a lot easier if future law students prime themselves for them. And what better way to prime themselves than by reading a few law eBooks that will put them in the right state of mind?

From fiction to instruction texts, here are five eBooks that aspiring law students might want to check out:

1. 1984 by George Orwell

George Orwell’s 1984 is considered to be one of the most influential pieces of fiction ever written. Because of its subject matter, it is a must-read for future lawyers.

The novel is a dystopian one in which a sort of totalitarian government has trampled on the rights of its citizens. There is no real sense of privacy, and that lack of privacy is one of the book’s overarching themes.

The novel should make future lawyers think about what the scope of the law should be so that they may challenge conventions in the future.

2. Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Dickens, like Orwell, has at least one popular classic novel under his belt, and Bleak House is one of them. The conflict which lies at the center of the novel is a case which involves multiple conflicting wills.

Dickens uses the novel to satirize the then English judicial system, and the takeaway for aspiring lawyers might just be that the process is ineffective sometimes.

3. Letters to a Law Student by Nicholas McBride

Unlike a couple of the law eBooks on this list, Letters to a Law Student is not a work of fiction. It’s an instructional text that aims to help future law students prepare themselves for law school.

Well, at least for their first year of law school. They’re on their own after that, but McBride’s text is still a good one to add to a collection of law-related texts on an E-reader.

4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

How does an attorney measure success? Does he or she take pride in using a sophisticated custom domain (e.g. johnplaw.com, desalvolaw.com, etc.)?

Or perhaps an attorney measures success by how many cases he or she has won.

The fact of the matter is gauging success in this way is not advisable. As Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird can teach any lawyer, future or present, justice isn’t always done, which means that even good attorneys don’t always win cases for their innocent clients.

5. What About Law? by Catherine Barnard, et al

Similar to Letters to a Law Student, What About Law? is all about…well, law. The book is for teens who are considering going into law in the future.

Its primary purpose is to give its readers some idea of what practicing law entails so that they can decide whether or not it’s something that they want to do for the rest of their lives. For those who are hesitant about going into law, this one is definitely a necessity.

Download These Law eBooks Today

Well, there they are. Five law-related eBooks that should get any aspiring attorney thinking about his or her future in law. After reading some these books, things might look a bit bleak, but attorneys will have good days and bad days.

But the good days will always make the profession worth it.

So if you’re not too spooked, go ahead and start thinking about the future. You can sift through our humble selection of law ebooks in our marketplace.