5 Job Site Safety Tips Every Worker Should Know

Injuries, illness, and fatalities from work-related issues are at an all-time high. Working on a job site can be dangerous. In 2015, one in five worker fatalities occurred in the construction industry.

There are often large equipment and dangerous materials involved on job sites.

Accidents happen that can be unavoidable. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared and know what to do to avoid getting hurt in your place of work. It is important to never start a project without being well-versed in how to do the project safety.

Employee safety will strengthen the security of every job site and business. Embracing job safety should be a priority for any successful company. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of tips every worker should know for optimal job site safety:

Keys For Job Site Safety

1. Work As a Team

Through careful teamwork, your job site can be a safe one. Reviewing safety materials, handbooks, and protocols with your team on a regular basis can benefit the safety of all employees on the site.

Never leave it to the manager or superintendent for the project to ensure your safety.

Get your team together and make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of safety and job procedures. If certifications or licenses are required for certain projects, make sure everyone can provide theirs before beginning work.

Following guidelines, safety procedures and discussing them as a team before you begin work can ensure everyone is committed to safety. This can eliminate careless or flippant attitudes as you stress the importance of doing things correctly.

When people feel accountable for job site safety, they will go the extra mile to get it right.

2. Hold Them Accountable

When it comes to job site safety, hold your employees accountable to following proper processes.

Set your guidelines in terms of safety and call out those who fail to comply. When you show your team or manager how seriously you are taking the safety, others will take notice.

3. File Complaints

Respond to irregularities and file complaints about broken rules.

Make your supervisor and team aware of any glitches, or people disobeying instructions. When it comes to job site safety, there is no such thing as a tattle tale. At the end of the day, you’re just trying to keep everyone involved as safe as possible.

4. Training for Optimal Job Site Safety

As you embark on a long project, it’s possible you will have new people joining the team as time goes on.

Make sure everyone is trained on job site safety for any given project. Be specific about the rules and regulations for each specific operation.

5. Know The Emergency Plan

Make sure you and your team have been trained on the emergency plans if something goes wrong. Consider safety seminars like those of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Stay educated on new technology and safety procedures throughout the life of your project.

Whether you are an engineer or a construction site worker, incorporating your training into your work site can save lives.

Keep It Safe

Training, accountability, and working as a team can save lives and keep your job site secure. For more materials, tips, and tricks on job site safety, click here!