5 Investment Apps Every Investor Needs To Download

Wouldn’t it be great if you could carry around a library of investment knowledge in your pocket? With the investment apps available today, this is a possibility, not a fantasy.

Sure, specialist investment news websites are still a great source of information. But apps are an ideal way to keep up to date while you’re on the go.

Here are 5 investment apps you should install right away!


Robinhood is a commission-free trading platform which allows you to buy shares in listed companies and ETFs.

Rather than pay fees for making trades, users are charged a monthly rate instead. You can budget without taking into account all the different fees that investors usually face.

As it’s in your pocket, you can make money on your commute while saving money on your trades. Real-time market data allows you to make decisions in just an instant.

Seems like a no-brainer – it’s one of the investment apps that any investor, experienced or rookie, can benefit from.


TheStreet is a comprehensive financial news outlet featuring in-depth analyses and actionable news for the stock market.

This makes it an investor’s best friend. There’s nothing quite like an expert view to bring a rationale to your investment approach.

Get up to date, make well-informed stock picks, and beat the market.

Bloomberg App

The Bloomberg app is another excellent choice for the educated investor.

Whether you’re investing in ETFs or the commodity markets for tangible assets, Bloomberg will give you the knowledge you need.

It also includes portfolio tracking tools so that regular checks of investment performance become a breeze.


The Acorns app is fantastic for people who can’t afford to put hundreds of dollars into an investment at once.

For every purchase you make, the app will round up your spending to the nearest dollar. The difference is paid into investments.

Let’s say you buy a $2.50 coffee. The app rounds it up to $3.00 and puts 50 cents into your investments. That’s not a lot, but the idea is that the small amounts build up over time to create a solid chunk of money.

Invest every day while you’re doing your shopping!


Betterment acts as a financial advisor, seeking better returns on your investment.

It does this through a combination of ‘robo-advising’ – automated portfolio management – and a highly diversified portfolio to minimize risk in moments.

Plus, it has a tax-efficient approach, meaning that you’re not being taxed for trades and investment returns unless absolutely necessary.

It also features low fund fees, so you get to keep more of your money while trading.

Investment Apps for Success

A good investment can be a great source of passive income. That’s the type of income you simply watch roll in over time. Sounds nice, right?

These apps should see your portfolio race its way to investment success. Your life will become more relaxing when you know you have good investments on hand.

But if you’re brand new, do you know how to invest in the first place? Check out our guide to investing money online to get started.