5 Free Baby Crochet Patterns You Should Download

If you love crocheting, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun of baby crochet patterns.

You don’t even need to spend money to try this fun crochet idea. There are some wonderful free patterns out there that you can download right at home.

Your baby will be warm and happy in these new crocheted items. Plus, you’ll love making adorable new things for the little one in your life.

Ready to try some baby crochet patterns? Try these downloadable patterns that are completely free.

5 Free Baby Crochet Patterns to Try

1. Coco Holly Doll

This beautiful doll is a fun challenge.

Designed by knit and crochet designer Annie Modesitt, this doll is actually a two-for-one. One one side is Holly, the down-to-earth natural girl. Flip the skirt and she transforms into Coco, the stylish social butterfly!

This is a creative way to use crochet to let you make a unique toy that’s unlike most dolls you can find at the store.

This doll also requires some knitting work. So, make sure you have the required experience before you download the pattern.

2. Berry Hat

Everyone loves a baby in a costume. Babies can be dressed up in all kinds of cute ways, but we love a dress-up piece that’s also functional, like this baby berry hat.

Depending on what color yarn you choose, you can make this fun hat into any berry you want. Try red yarn for a raspberry, or purple for a blackberry. You can also get creative and try an unexpected mix of colors.

3. Rainbow Booties

Put all the colors of the rainbow on the little one with these cute baby booties.

This easy crochet pattern doesn’t take much time to complete, but looks exciting thanks to all of the colors.

Change the size of the hook you use to make booties of a different size. You can fit babies, newborns, or even small toddlers using this technique.

Adding a pair of laces at the front ensures the booties stay on.

4. Tiny Toy Cars

For a toy that’s perfectly portable, try making a tiny crochet car.

These little vehicles are great for gifts and easy to take anywhere. This makes them great for keeping a fussy baby entertained. You can personalize these cute automobiles with colors and unique touches.

5. Fluffy Blanket

Baby blankets often become so sentimental that some parents keep their child’s for years. A handmade crochet baby blanket will also likely be held onto by your child, too. In fact, you might find the same blanket on a single bed in the child’s room years later.

A striped, fluffy blanket can be made unique with different color combinations. This makes it the perfect blanket for any baby.

Ready to Crochet?

There are countless baby crochet patterns out there – these are just some of the best.

If you’re not very experienced with crochet yet, don’t worry. We have plenty of information to help you get started!

With these fun patterns, you can make unique and creative baby gifts anytime you need them.