5 Foolproof Photoshoot Poses

If you want to look like a model in photos, then you’ve come to the right place.

Professional models always look amazing, right? They strike a pose, and always manage to look a million dollars.

Read on to discover the top 5 photoshoot poses that’ll have you looking like a professional model every time.

1. Say Cheese!

Let’s start with a smile. Pouts and sullen expressions are trending right now, but the smile is a classic.

Your best smile’s a natural one. Overexaggerate your grin, and you’ll be facepalming when your goofy mug pops up in a colleague’s Instagram story.

Instead, smile the way you do when you’ve heard something amusing. And make sure your smile reaches your eyes; it looks way more sincere that way.

2. Angle Your Head

Professional photographers like the guys at Head-Shot.co.uk rarely take a photo head-on.

Head-on photos lack the depth and benefits of shadows and can make your face look disproportionate.

Instead, tilt your head up or down, and then angle it to the left or right. This gives your cheeks more definition, elongates your neck, and allows shadows to play across your best features.

3. Show Off Your Waist

No matter your body shape or size, angling your body to show off your waist will always get you the best photos.

Check out models’ and actresses’ photoshoot poses, and you’ll often see them standing at a 45-degree angle to the camera lens. That makes the waist automatically appear smaller.

Another thing you’ll notice is how they hold an arm away from their body. Copy this pose by putting your hand on your hip, or at least holding it away enough that there’s a noticeable gap.

The camera picks up the gap, cinching in your waistline and giving you that sexy, curvaceous look.

4. Do the Mermaid

You probably didn’t think it when you watched the Little Mermaid as a kid, but her small waist and curvy hips gave this Disney princess quite the voluptuous figure.

To get yourself that hourglass shape, cross your ankles and hold your arms away from your body.

This’ll make your waist stand out against full hips that taper your body down into a single point at your ankles.

5. Props to the Rescue

Props are the best way to add some interest to your perfected photoshoot poses.

Take advantage of those fun lips, mustaches and princess crowns next time you hit the photo booth. Couple props with poses for a fun but sophisticated shot.

But what if you’re out and about without a prop in sight? In that case, get creative!

Tuck one hand into the crook of the opposite elbow, and hold your arms at a 90-degree angle. Then, tip your chin down onto your free hand for an instant hand-prop.

If you’re holding a handbag or purse, bend your arm and rest your hand on one corner.

Or, use your hand to lightly touch your face when you’re having your photo taken. Practice in front of a mirror for what looks best, and keep it in mind for that impromptu picture.

Make Photoshoot Poses Work for You

Photos have become a part of everyday life and, of course, we want to look our best.

Whether you’re out with friends and want to capture the moment, or you’re taking a stop-and-drop selfie, use our tips and you’ll have elegant, stylish photos a model would be proud of.

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