5 Downloadable Financial Tools You Need to Have

Do you struggle with setting and sticking to a budget?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent Gallup poll found that only about 30% of people regularly set a budget.

Further, 10% of Americans have no credit history whatsoever. This means that an astounding 45 million people don’t currently have a credit score.

If you’re not exactly up-to-date with your current finances, don’t panic. Now is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf.

You can start by using these five downloadable financial tools to help you to better manage your money and track your spending.

1. If You Struggle to Stay on Top of Your Bills

No one wants to fall behind on their bills or forget to pay them. But with so many other things going on, it’s easy to make a mistake.

Missing payments can cause your credit score to take a serious hit, and you might end up having to pay astronomical late fees.

Enter the downloadable Prism app, which helps you to remember to pay all your bills on time.

All you need to do is download the app on your cell phone, enter your different bill amounts and the companies you’re paying top, and then link to the account you use to pay them.

When a bill is due or becomes available, you get a notification reminder from Prism.

Best of all? It’s totally free!

2. If You Have Trouble Budgeting

Are you guilty of splurging a little too often?

Are you unsure of where all your money is going?

Do you need a better understanding of what your lifestyle is really costing you?

If so, you’re a great candidate for You Need A Budget, a downloadable financial solutions app and software that helps you to better track your finances. The app allows you to create various categories for your spending. These include things like rent, your water/gas bill, grocery money, and going out/entertainment.

This will also help you to identify the areas in which you’re overspending.

You can then get a much better handle on your spending, and allocate the money you have coming into your specific expenses.

The app also helps you to save by allowing you to set saving goals and reminded you to allocate a portion of your income to that goal.

3. If You Want To Save

Though the last downloadable app we mentioned has a component related to saving, if you want to get serious about setting some cash aside, you need an app solely dedicated to that.

Enter the aptly-named Acorns App, which helps you to stash away your funds. The app has lots of different capabilities but is perhaps most famous for rounding up every purchase you make on your credit/debit card to the next dollar.

It creates a diverse investment portfolio without high management fees and commissions, as your “spare change” is automatically invested for you.

You can choose from five pre-made portfolios, or just have the money directly placed into your savings account.

You can also make larger, one-time investments if you come into some extra money, earn money off of referrals, and create a recurring investment. This app is simple, low-risk, and incredibly easy to use.

4. If You Need To Monitor Your Investments

If you have major or minor investments, you clearly already know a little bit about managing and growing your money.

However, how often are you really tracking those investments? And how can you be sure that your current financial advisor really has your best interests at heart?

That’s where the downloadable Personal Capital app comes in.

It offers the perfect combination of advice from real-life financial advisors along with information from tested financial algorithms.

It can help you to analyze the effectiveness of your 401(k) and your other retirement accounts, alongside other investments you may have. It will also help you to assess how your current investment strategy is helping you to achieve your financial goals.

5. If You Need To Get A Loan

Of course, we understand that many might feel a bit unsafe about downloading a tool that has access to their bank account numbers and other sensitive financial information.

Instead of going with a downloadable option when it comes to applying for a loan, it’s best to work through the website of an online lender.

One of our favorites?

Bonsai Finance.

Their services cover a wide range of financial issues, from acquiring a credit card if your credit history is less-than-perfect to applying for a variety of personal loans.

They also don’t require a credit check, which makes it much easier for those that need help the most to be able to get it.

Their system is also incredibly intuitive and easy to use. All you need to do is select the type of loan you’d like, use the sliding scale tool to determine how much you need, and then submit your request.

If it’s your first time applying for a loan, you’ll also find their FAQ section to be incredibly helpful.

What Other Downloadable Options Can Help You To Live Better?

Now that you know how downloadable financial tools and apps can help you to manage your money better, it’s time to think bigger.

What other tools can help you to evaluate and improve all the areas of your life?

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