5 Creative Digital Brochures You Can Download Now

In the modern world of marketing, it’s important to get creative. You need to stand out from the competition to get the attention of customers!

One way to get that recognition is with digital brochures. This modern way to show off your products or services is unique and memorable. Fortunately, it’s also easy and inexpensive.

Lucidpress offers some excellent brochure templates that let you present your business in a fun, interesting way. These creative brochure designs are easy to download and customize to meet your needs.

We’ve chosen 5 of their most creative designs available for you to use. Check out what you can do with these amazing brochure designs, and get creative with your marketing today!

5 Lucidpress Digital Brochures to Download Today

1. Keynote Brochure

With a clean, minimalist design, this brochure is perfect when you want to highlight simplicity.

Having a streamlined, simple design is a benefit to many modern businesses. If you’re an orthodontic company selling Invisalign, your brochure can be a visual reminder of how easy this fix is. If you’re marketing wedding planning services, a streamlined brochure helps show that you are here to make the day go smoothly.

The Keynote design is a great way to use beautiful images and simple text to show how you will make your customers’ lives easier.

2. Passport Brochure

If you’re in a creative industry that caters to an adventurous crowd, this travel-themed brochure is the way to go.

A fun design that showcases visual images, the Passport brochure is an obvious choice for a travel company. However, it can also be good for anything from a dating consultant service to a clothing company for a modern young customer.

3. Melody CD Booklet Brochure

For an extra creative twist, use a CD booklet design to make your brochure.

This fits perfectly with an artistic business related to music or other creative endeavors. Customers are sure to remember a brochure that reminds them of a CD – this is a great choice for the millennial crowd.

4. Lavender Cafe Brochure

This aesthetically pleasing brochure design features lavender as the central color, giving it a relaxing feel.

Although the design is perfect for cafes and restaurants, it will also work well with a spa or massage company, a clothing line, or any other company that needs a visually pleasing, soft design.

5. Redwood Coast Brochure

Use this photo-heavy design to creatively show the perfect visuals for your company.

Maybe you’re a wedding photographer, travel planner, or own a restaurant. Anytime beautiful company images are available, it’s helpful to show as many as possible. The mosaic-like layout of pictures in this brochure is the perfect way to show off your amazing visuals.

A few small text blocks let you add the information you need, without taking away from the visual design. Use the images to tell a story, immersing your customers in the experience you can provide.

Design a Great Brochure Today

Digital brochures are a great way to showcase what your company can do at a quick glance.

Choose the right brochure template, and it’s easy to showcase your company in a creative way that will get the attention of customers. With great images and some well-crafted text, you can stand out from the industry competition.

Need to add more to your digital brochure design? We can help you get what you need, from logos to graphics – check out what we have to offer here.