5 Addiction Recovery Apps You’ll be Glad You Downloaded

Trying to add another tool to your recovery toolbox? Good for you! Recovery from addiction can be a long and challenging battle, but support and help are always available.

Today, with the convenience of addiction recovery apps, more and more of this support is available right at your fingertips.

We’re showing you our top five favorites. Let’s get into them!


SoberTool is an interactive app that allows you to track your sober days. It also provides daily motivation messages and reminders for you to stay on track.

You can customize these messages by indicating your mood and thoughts (i.e.: I want motivation to do a recovery program, or I am questioning if I am addicted).

SoberTool also offers a safe, anonymous community for members to discuss concerns, fears, and successes.


Advertised as the #1 sobriety tool in the Appstore, Nomo is well-known and profoundly loved.

With Nomo, you can track multiple sobriety dates for numerous kinds of sobriety. You can also share your clocks with your accountability partners and loved ones.

You also earn a chip every time you hit a milestone in your recovery. This tracking is a great way to stay encouraged and motivated.

One more fun perk? You can see how much time and money you’re saving by not using or acting out in your addiction.

Sober Grid

Addiction recovery apps can be fun, and Sober Grid capitalizes on that notion with its sober social network.

This app provides a sobriety counter (unlock awesome badges as you acquire more time) and the ability to track your recovery.

It also helps you discover sober people near you. Whether you’re looking new friends or transitioning out of a treatment center, such as A Better Today Recovery Services, this is the app for you!

Solid support is vital to recovery. This app makes it easy to find friends in your general area.


rTribe is the first counseling platform to offer smart-match collaboration with therapists and coaches to provide “just in time” support.

Upon downloading, you can start a free trial and securely message your therapist or coach. You can also schedule live video and voice sessions. It’s a great, secure way to receive instant support- without all the hassle of showing up to the office or filling out tons of paperwork.

rTribe is significantly cheaper than paying out of pocket for traditional clinical services, and you can do it anywhere!

Pocket Rehab

Pocket Rehab allows you to connect with peers anonymously. You can get help anytime or volunteer to help other users.

This app also provides a strong community Q&A, where you can anonymously discuss real-world topics in a forum setting.

For people who cannot go to rehab or have just completed rehab (but want additional support), this is the app to download.

Final Thoughts on Addiction Recovery Apps

With more and more people turning to their phones for information and entertainment, why not reach for your device when you need support?

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