4 Ways Hemp Oil Will Improve Your Life

Studies have shown the powerful effects of cannabidiol hemp oil in a long list of health problems that include arthritis and inflammation, insomnia, and heart trouble. CBD may even be used as a cancer fighting agent.

In the face of the drug and opioid crisis, who wouldn’t want to explore the many natural and, albeit legal, benefits of hemp oil?

Hemp Oil for Sleep and Relaxation

Interrupted sleep and insomnia are common problems for most people, and while over the counter sleep medication may seem like the only alternative, it isn’t.

Studies have shown that CBD hemp oil relieves the body of stress during the day. As a result of your stress-free waking hours, the body is able to fully relax in a tension-free state during sleep, thus reaping the benefits of uninterrupted sleep.

To use CBD hemp oil for sleep relief, you can shop for CBD capsules, or use hemp oil as a tincture.

Hemp for Chronic Pain

There have been studies that suggest Cannabidiol is a great alternative to pain medication for adults with chronic pain and inflammation. Most studies that have been conducted in animal subjects have had promising results.

In humans, the research is still new, but what they have found is promising enough to continue searching for more answers. In most of the adults with chronic pain that were tested, CBD oil did, in fact, show large results for the effects of hemp oil on pain.

CBD for Anxiety, Depression, and Attention Disorders

One benefit of hemp oil people may not realize is its ability to help with the effects of attention disorders such as ADD and ADHD. While the studies for this are still few, the claims from those who self-medicate are evidence that CBD is effective.

For those who suffer from depression, CBD hemp oil is a great option because it is a natural substance that is non-psychoactive that does not hinder your thought process or have adverse effects on the brain.

CBD helps depression by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body by directly affecting serotonin and dopamine levels, releasing them and naturally raising their levels in the body.

According to studies, most users started CBD as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and pain. Forty-two percent said they had quit using prescription medications such as Vicodin.

Other Great Uses

Because the body is made up of endocannabinoids, it reacts to CBD in such a way that creates healthy changes in the body.

Among those changes is the way hemp oil can reduce inflammation in the sebaceous glands, reducing the appearance of acne. Studies show CBD may be able to treat acne by reducing the production of sebum in the glands.

Another study has found a link between CBD and the fight against cancer by suppressing the growth of cancer cells. More studies are needed before further treatment can happen for patients.

CBD and Hemp Oil Resources

Hemp Oil and CBD have a variety of health benefits and information on the subject is just as vast!

You can visit our blog for more information on hemp oil and how it can benefit you!