3 Great Ideas for an Off the Grid Vacation

In most cases, living on the grid means leading a lifestyle that’s fast-paced, stressful and overall unhealthy. You’re constantly checking your smartphone for emails from work, dealing with the stresses of managing relationships and getting projects in on time.

Everyone who lives in society today deals with life’s stresses, so it’s good to disconnect every once in a while. This includes professionals, stay-at-home parents, and students.

Both the young and old can benefit from going off the grid and completely disconnecting from the “real world.” Some even go to extremes by leaving their mobile devices at home.

But where should you go on your off the grid vacation? Here is a quick list of three locations you should definitely consider.

1. Emerald Lake Lodge in the Yoho National Park, Canada

There’s nothing like setting up camp next to a beautiful lake in Yoho National Park. This is the perfect location for those living in Canada or North America.

You can take the road trip and enjoy the scenery or take a plane to Alberta’s Calgary Airport.

This site features a 13-acre tract of land filled with pristine waters and plenty of paths for hiking and mountain biking. Enjoy a day on the lake fishing in your canoe, or bring along a raft or rowboat to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the mountains from the lake.

You can’t get any further from society than this, which makes it the perfect place to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature.

If you need help planning for the trip, you can shop for outdoor gear at Gear for Life.

2. Punta Placer in Oaxaca, Mexico

For those who want to go a little bit further away can head right on down to Mexico. You can find Punta Placer inside of a tiny village along the southern Pacific coast of Mexico.

It’s a beachfront bungalow offering gorgeous views of the Pacific ocean. Enjoy the shade of palms and coconut trees as you relax in your lounge chair or hammock.

Forget sports, work life and any other stresses that bog you down in the real world. Enjoy a swim in the warm waters or relax in your recliner with the warm Pacific breeze.

And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can whip out your surfboard and take to the waves.

3. Ultima Thule Lodge in Chitina Alaska

Who said your off grid vacation had to be in a warm location? Some enjoy wintry retreats in the mountains. Those who do will enjoy this Alaskan getaway.

Here, you can soak in all this 13 million-acre tract of land has to offer. This includes plenty of hiking trails, mountain views, and even glaciers. There’s no cellphone range here, so you won’t be tempted to “check in” while on your off the grid vacation.

Find More Travel Ideas for Your Off the Grid Vacation

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Whether you’re looking for someplace exotic or off the grid, there’s something here for you. So stop by today to see what tips and tricks you can find!