15 Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

There’s no denying it, upgraded and renovated kitchens can net about a 70% return when you decide to sell your house.

In a world of extreme modernism and minimalism, more people are turning to cozy, rustic elements for a feeling of comfort.

Ready to add some rustic charm to your kitchen this year? Unsure where to start? Read below for 15 decor ideas to achieve the perfect rustic kitchen!

1. Salvaged Material

One easy tip when looking for rustic elements to add to your kitchen is salvaged items or materials. Salvaged pieces create the perception that an item has been there for a long time and aged.

This will make your kitchen feel cozy and “lived in.”

Look for either large pieces like a kitchen island or focus on small accents and decor. Either way, choosing salvaged pieces will help your rustic kitchen become a cohesive design.

2. Wood Plank Floors

Wood planks can be a good foundation for any rustic kitchen look. They provide a solid, simple appearance and can warm up a space compared to tile or linoleum.

Wood floors provide a neutral base for your other pieces to stand out against. Consider using a home improvement app when beginning your work. These can help you plan each step of the process and keep track of all needed supplies.

3. Paneled Walls

If you are really interested in the rustic feel, why stop with wood planks just on the floor? Consider adding them to the walls for a modern rustic feel.

Placing wooden planks on the wall will provide warmth and texture. Consider covering one or two walls with wood while leaving the other walls white. This will give you the rustic feel, but also keep the vibe crisp and clean.

4. Fireplace

Adding a rustic styled fireplace can change the entire room. Create one using rock or stone to bring in earthy and rustic elements.

Be sure to add a thick mantle to have plenty of room to display your family photos and trinkets.

By adding a fireplace, you will have an amazing focal point for your kitchen. As an added bonus, you will also have a warm place to curl up and read a book on winter nights.

5. Antique Signs

Shopping your local flea markets or antique stores for vintage signs can be a unique way to create a rustic kitchen. Antique signs can add a vintage farmhouse feel to even the most modern kitchens.

Look for ones that have kitchen related themes. For example, signs that say “market” or “eggs for sale” would be excellent options.

6. Window Treatments

When renovating your kitchen, window treatments are a must.

If you struggle with hanging curtains, consider getting some help. For example, Amerishades will discuss options with you, measure, and install whatever treatments you decide upon!

Beyond choosing curtains, you can also use reclaimed wood to lie the window sill. If you are handy, consider creating a custom wood piece for a window valance.

7. Ceiling Treatments

If you want to feel one with nature’s rustic side, bringing in wood ceiling elements is a winning option, especially if you want to leave your walls white.

Wooden beams provide large focal points that can create rustic barn vibes. If the cost of wooden beams scares you, there are faux options in numerous colors and finishes. This means you can find the perfect style for you.

8. Exposed Shelving

This rustic element provides function while helping to create a vibe for the kitchen. Choose a darker wood if you have white walls for awesome contrast.

Use these shelves to display all your dishware or collection of spices. While you may think exposed or open shelving means you will constantly be cleaning and organizing, think again.

A mismatch of plates and dishes will just further add to the rustic feeling of the shelves and kitchen as a whole.

9. Wood Covered Kitchen Hood

Nowadays, most kitchen range hoods are stainless steel. But to create a unique look, think about using reclaimed barn wood to cover a basic venting system.

This method will hide the standard stainless steel hood and keep your kitchen from looking too modern.

10. Vintage Sink

Think about adding a vintage sink to your kitchen for a true farmhouse feeling. These time-weathered pieces will create a conversation piece that will last for years to come.

11. Faux Animal Hides

Bringing in faux animal hides is a great way to add accents to your rustic kitchen that will contribute the perfect feel. Focus on things like zebra or cow prints.

Bring these hides in for rugs or throws on accent chairs.

12. Woven Baskets

Kitchens always need storage. By utilizing woven baskets you will add more of a rustic feel to your kitchen while keeping your items hidden and organized.

Keep pantry goods organized with multiple baskets or even keep silverware stored in one to bring out for big dinner parties.

13. Chunky Furniture and Decor Items

When people think rustic, they usually think of heavy, masculine styles. Small, dainty pieces may look out of place in a rustic looking kitchen.

Instead of sleek chairs, think about chunky stools made of wood. They will carry visual weight and be a piece that lasts over time.

14. Woven Textiles

Rustic often is synonymous with handmade or handcrafted. Bringing in more soft elements like blankets is a great way to accent your kitchen.

Shop around for a woven throw for a cozy breakfast nook or a hand-braided rug to place in the middle of your kitchen for some color pops.

You might even be able to find handcrafted curtains to use in your kitchen.

15. Non-Shiny Metal

To achieve a rustic kitchen design, avoid shiny metals. Rusted or matte looking metals are more in line with nature inspiration.

A few ideas include tin lampshades or metal cabinet hardware.

Get Started with Your Rustic Kitchen Makeover

No matter your budget, there are many options for you to bring rustic elements into your kitchen.

Whether you want to cover your walls in wood or shop around for the perfect vintage island, you will soon have the cozy kitchen of your dreams.

Now that you have a gameplan for your kitchen, are you eager to plan another home renovation? Check this list for some improvements that keep adding to the value of your home!