10 Unique Vinyl Siding Ideas for Your Home

Most people take time to consider the interior of their home and what it will look like.  But when was the last time you thought about the exterior of your home?

Vinyl siding can make your look clean and new.  Bonus points because it has low maintenance.  But if you’re thinking about the exterior of your home, you want to differentiate your house from the other homes with colorful paint and lawn jockies.

How do you do that?

Picking out vinyl doesn’t happen overnight.  There’s a lot to consider.

Here Are 10 Unique Siding Ideas for Your Home

1) Split Level Vinyl

Vinyl can be the perfect material for a split level home.  This type of home offers lots of opportunities for attractive vinyl in a mix of textures, orientations, and colors.

One level of vinyl on a split level home offers a modern twist on a vintage style. With many stylistic options to choose from, vinyl siding can offset colors and styles in a split level home.

Luckily split level floor plans are pretty common in the United States.  So if you have a split level home don’t forget to call the vinyl professionals for a unique twist on an old style.

2) Gray Vinyl Siding

Gray Vinyl is the new black.  Gray is the perfect neutral color for either white or black shutters and trim.  Offering bright clean lines on a canvas that’s easy on the eyes.

Really every color goes with gray.  So let your imagination shine with some cray gray vinyl siding and other colorful accents.  Accents can include the front door, shutters, and trim.

A siding contractor can give you an evaluation and help you identify the best colors to make your home stick out in a crowd.

3) Mixing Textures, Vinyl Siding with Stone Entryway

Mixing textures is one of the coolest things you can do with vinyl siding.  This material is enhanced when paired with a stone entry way or garage.  For a modern twist on same old, same old.  T

For a modern twist on same old, same old.  Try mixing textures in your home.  If your home is more like a cabin or bungalow, mix vinyl with a wooden entryway for a different take on a typical look.

4) Colorful Vinyl Makes Your Home Pop

Some companies offer a variety of colors for their siding options.  With dozens of colors to choose from, there are a ton of mix and match options to introduce curb appeal to your home.  If you want to do vinyl, don’t hesitate to go with some color.

5) Not All Vinyl is Horizontal

Introducing some vertical vinyl in an otherwise horizontal home is a creative way to make your home stick out.  If you have a loft or section of the house that would be accented by vertical vinyl.  Go there.

6) Bright White Vinyl with a Colorful Door

Bright white vinyl can be a real asset if you have color accents. One way to do this is a bright red or blue door.  Using neutral vinyl with colorful trim is a creative way to breathe some life into your home.

Have you seen those homes with colorful doors?  Make them pop even more with vinyl.  We see this a lot with wooden homes but vinyl is way easier to clean. Keeping colors sharp for years with low maintenance.

7) Vinyl Siding with a Metal Shed Roof

A lot of people don’t associate a metal shed roof with high fashion.  But when paired with vinyl siding, a metal shed roof can give your home a cool pinstripe effect.

If you want a roof and siding that is both practical and fashionable try this look for your country cottage.

8) Tiny Home with Vinyl Siding

If you are into tiny homes, vinyl siding can make yours the hottest one in the commune!  Don’t wait to discover vinyl for your tiny home.  If you’re trying to learn the hottest trends for tiny homes find a consultant in your area.

9) Laying Vinyl Siding

Vinyl for your home is 0.44 – 0.55 inches thick. The width makes it resistent to sagging.  Unlike wooden panels, vinyl panels are only nailed in at the top of each panel.  So they hang a little.

This is because the vinyl needs to be able to breath. It expands and contracts with moisture.

It’s reasonable to lay vinyl a quarter inch apart for best performance.  It will fade over time, but not substantially.

10) Cleaning Vinyl on Your Home

Homeowners love vinyl because it’s low maintenance.  But you should really clean it to keep it looking its best.  Here are some tips for cleaning vinyl.

Wash with a soft bristle brush to remove mold, mildew and other sediment.  If a brush and water isn’t enough.  Use a gallon of water with 1/3 cup laundry detergent and 2/3 cup powdered household cleaner to clean the exterior of your home.

Because vinyl is only snapped at one end.  It’s easy to replace damaged panels.  Just use a zip tool to unhinge the product and replace it with a new one.  Simple as that.

Keeping your vinyl clean is the key to making it last and to making your house look clean and new.  So don’t skimp on the upkeep just because vinyl is durable.

To Vinyl or Not to Vinyl?

Picking vinyl siding for your home can be tough.  But remember when you choose a home there’s a lot to consider.

Location. Neighborhood.  Type of construction can all be considered when buying a home.

That doesn’t include the preferences like private pool, community pool or no pool.  Acreage and other considerations of a homeowner.

There’s so many things to consider when buying or renovating your home.  Don’t get lost in a sea of vinyl.  Call a professional to help you with your vinyl needs.