10 Novel Ideas for Your Christmas Light Installation (The Neighbors Will Be Jealous)

Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing?

Halloween is officially over and therefore the Christmas season has begun.

As you pack up your witch and jack-o-lantern decorations in your attic, you’re probably noticing your Christmas decoration boxes staring at you. You’re thinking about the contents and realizing you want to try something new this year.

Fear not, if you’re out of Christmas decorating ideas and tired of doing the same thing year after year this article is for you.

This guide will break down how to up your Christmas light installation game and make all your neighbors jealous. After all, we know you want Santa to be able to see your house from the sky.

Read on for 10 novel ideas for your Christmas light installation.

1. Snowflake Lights in Your Trees

Do you want to turn your front yard into a winter wonderland? If so, hang snowflake lights from the branches of your trees to enhance your Christmas light installation.

It doesn’t matter if you live in snowy Colorado or sunny Florida, having snowflake lights on your tree branches will make your yard look beautiful and festive.

The more trees you have in your yard the better this will look.

Hanging the lights in the trees in your backyard is also a great idea for holiday parties. You can let guests walk through your magical backyard of lights.

2. Inflatable Decorations

You know when you drive by car dealerships and they have huge inflatable decorations outside?

The reason they do this is that they’re eye-catching. Adding an inflatable Christmas decoration to your front yard is sure to grab the attention of people riding by.

What inflatable decoration should you choose? The possibilities are endless. Inflatable reindeer, inflatable snow globes, or an inflatable Santa are all good choices.

Add spotlights in front of your inflatable decorations to ensure people can see it at night.

3. Put Christmas Trees Outside

There’s no rule that says your Christmas tree must be indoors.

Create your own miniature fir tree forest by putting Christmas trees around your yard outdoors.

You can decorate them all with lights and top them with your favorite tree toppers. This is perfect for those families who always argue over whether to use an angel or a star on top of the tree. If you have multiple trees outdoors you can use multiple tree toppers!

Don’t forget you still need to go out and water your outdoor trees. They’ll look so good that it will be worth the trip outside.

4. Turn Your Home Into a Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are a delicious part of the holiday season, but they aren’t just for the kitchen.

Making your home look like a gingerbread house is an amazing Christmas light installation idea.

To achieve this look you will need to get candy shaped lights for the front of your house. Line your sidewalk with candy cane lights and gumdrops.

For the main portion of your house, it’s time to load up on LED strip lights.

Decorate the outside of your house with the same design that you would a gingerbread house. One easy way to do this is do straight lines going from the roof to the ground in different colors.

5. Holiday Light Projector

Holiday light projectors are becoming more and more popular in recent years.

These could be a good option for you if you’re short on electrical outlets but you still want to get a great light display going at your house.

Between buying gifts, sending holiday cards, and preparing for holiday parties, the winter months can be expensive. Getting a holiday light projector will save you time and money.

Holiday light projectors make the Christmas light installation process easy. All you need to buy is a 1-3 projectors depending on how large your house is and set them up so they’re pointing at the walls of your house.

You can also direct the projector to a large tree in your yard and it will look like the tree is covered in beautiful Christmas lights.

Holiday light projectors are available in many different colors, shapes, and patterns. You can get them in white if you prefer a more traditional look or you can get them in star shapes that appear to dance along the outside of your house.

6. The Nativity Scene

The nativity scene is a wholesome and beautiful symbol representing Christmas.

Setting up a nativity scene in your front yard is a great way to remind people that the holiday is supposed to be about love, family, and celebrating new life.

Keep your nativity scene simple and don’t try to glam it up with too many lights or it will look gaudy.

For your nativity scene, you will need the baby Jesus (we dare you to try the glassblowing technique!), a manger, Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the shepherds, and an optional sheep.

7. Create Your Own Christmas Light Balls

Turn your Christmas decorating into a DIY project with your family.

To make Christmas light balls, you will need chicken wire and Christmas lights. Simply wrap your Christmas lights around your chicken wire orbs to create glowing balls of festivity.

You can vary the colors if you choose, making some red, some green, and some blue and then place them around your lawn. This is a great way to add some color to the ground level of your house.

8. Don’t Forget the Roof

Your roof will be the focal point of your Christmas light installation display.

You want to make sure you put something on the roof that will be eye-catching and interesting for people to see.

What you choose to put on the roof depends on your personal Christmas tastes.

Want to do something funny? Maybe put a spotlight on a Grinch who’s trying to steal the presents out of the chimney. Want to do something classic? Get a light up sleigh equipped with reindeer and put a hearty Santa inside of it. Want to do something cute? Try a light-up Frosty the Snowman who’s waving at everyone who passes your house.

The most important thing is that you don’t neglect the roof thinking that the lights and decorations on the front of the house will be enough.

And, as always be mindful of your safety! The roof is inherently dangerous. Always be careful when using ladders and let a family member know you’re up there in case you need help getting down.

9. Decorate Your Mailbox

When planning their Christmas light installation, many people forget about their mailboxes.

Your mailbox is the closest thing to the road and, therefore, the first thing people see when they drive by your house. You want your mailbox looking just as festive as the rest of your property. Best of all, it’s really easy to decorate!

A good idea for your mailbox is to hang a beautiful wreath on it. Or tie a red velvet ribbon around it and attach jingle bells.

You can also wrap your mailbox with Christmas lights to make it even more eye-catching and add to your light count.

10. Spell Out a Word in Lights

Christmas is the time to spread joy and love to your neighbors around you.

So why not spell out joy or love in your own front yard?

“Joy”, “Love”, or “Peace on Earth” make great letters you can spell out with lights in your front yard.

You can either buy letters that already light up, or you can make your own by cutting them out of food and then wrapping Christmas lights around them.

Putting out a nice message into the world will make people feel good and get them into the Christmas spirit when they drive by your house and see your Christmas light installation.

Make Your Christmas Light Installation Fun

The holidays are all about spending time with the people you love, so make your Christmas light installation process a group project.

Get your family outside to help you hang lights and bounce ideas off of each other about how you want your house to look this year.

Let your house’s Christmas lights reflect each person who lives inside by giving everyone input. When you divide the job, things will go faster and you’ll get to spend quality time together.

Remember, if you want to avoid the process of untangling lights then the holiday light projector might be for you.

For some overachievers, the process of hanging up your own lights might be half the fun.

If you run into any electrical problems while hanging your lights you may need an electrician. Check out our article on knowing when to call an electrician for your electrical issues.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!