The 10 Best Spending Tracker Apps to Manage Your Finances

Sticking to a budget is no easy feat in a world where anything can happen at any given moment. Especially if you don’t set aside money for savings, a monthly budget disrupted by unexpected expenses can send you flailing into debt overnight.

But it’s important to keep a budget written down where it’s easily accessible for review and updates. Knowing it in your head alone can get you into financial trouble because it’s near impossible to remember everything you spend. You need a way to actually manage your money so that you may be able to foresee a way to handle those expenses that you aren’t planning for.

If you’re serious about finding a better way to manage your finances and the old-fashioned methods are wearing you out, there is a better way. Introducing spending tracker apps that can be downloaded right to your trusted mobile device. And, there’s plenty to choose from so that you can find the best one to suit your needs.

Best Spending Tracker Apps to Keep You Organized

There are a lot of reasons to organize your finances. Maybe you’re preparing for a big purchase, like a home or a new car and you want to make sure your finances are in tip-top shape. If you’re house hunting, especially, it’s important to know where you stand financially so that you can budget for additional expenses.

You can always take out a loan like those offered at StockLoan Solutions to balance your budget. And, then use the spending tracker app of your choice to keep everything in check. Even if you don’t have any loans or credit card debt to manage, these apps can help you budget your finances more confidently.

1. HomeBudget

The HomeBudget app design is simple to use and easy to read. It separates your finances into five categories: Expenses, Bills, Income, Budget, and Accounts. You’ll also see a chart that displays your total income and total balance with three functions at the bottom of the page: Payees, Reports, and Search.

This app is ideal for people who like a quick overview right away.

2. Expensify

Expensify is a free app for your smartphone or you can use the web-based tool. It’s easy to use and navigate your spending with features like SmartScan, which allows you take photos of receipts and file them electronically. You can also manually enter the information.

This app also allows you to add your credit or debit card which can help you track your daily expenses, earnings, and balances more accurately.

3. Unsplurge

Unsplurge is only available on iOS but it offers some unique features that can not only help you track your spending but also help you create more and better financial goals. You’ll benefit from savings tips from the app. And, see what others’ savings goals are in the app’s community.

4. HelloWallet

HelloWallet is another app that is reserved for iOS but it’s worth a mention because it not only provides a way for you track your spending but also increase your net worth. All you have to do is spend a few minutes updating your details and everything lines up for you on the homepage.

This app is designed to help you plan for your financial future.

5. Pocket Expense

The Pocket Expense app allows you to visualize your spending and create a budget at the same time. Simply enter your spending and account balances and Pocket Expense will color code everything according to money that you have and what you need to pay.

This app is also good for people that keep multiple accounts with additional tools that allow you to see all of your spending and balances at once.

6. Digit

Digit is more of a savings app but it’s also worth a spot on the list because it helps you save around your spending.

The primary focus of the app is to create a savings account that draws from your checking a few dollars at a time. It does this by monitoring your spending so that it will only draw funds when it thinks you don’t need it anyway.

This app offers a great alternative way to save for people that don’t regularly do so.

7. Clarity Money

The Clarity Money app is available for both Android and iOS and boasts several unique designs.

First, the app is organized into four tabs: Home feed, Accounts, Search, and Profile. You’ll find charts, spending trackers, and illustrations on the homepage so that you can quickly and easily see your finances at a glance.

This app will organize your spending by week, month, or year and allow to perform other important financial functions, like checking your credit score.

8. BillGuard

With BillGuard, you can sync your accounts right to the app to save time and hassle of entering the information manually. Then, the app will show your balance and total spending for the month.

One of the most important features that this app has is protecting your cards from fraudulent charges. Because it monitors your spending, it will ask you about suspicious charges.


Mint started as a website and was later acquired by Intuit and became available across the board: online, Android, and iOS. This app will help you create a solid overview of your finances including bills, recent transactions, and monthly spending. It’s a trusted app that continually brings new and important features to the table.

10. Credit Karma

Credit Karma isn’t a spending tracker app but it deserves a mention because it’s an amazing tool for those that want to be on top of their financial game. Once you have your spending in control, you’ll want to be sure you have your credit in order, too. Credit Karma can help provide a clear picture of your debts and could come in handy during tax season with a built-in tax preparation service.

Final Thoughts

Managing your finances doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful all the time. Just keep these spending tracker apps in mind and give one or two of them a try to ensure that your spending stays in line with your budget.

And, remember, the key is to be diligent with your favorite spending tracker app. Don’t just download the app and forget about it. You must use it every time you make, spend, or move money to get the most accurate results. Set up reminders for yourself or set aside a special time of day to spend some time with your app and utilize all of its features and functions.

The more effort you put into monitoring your budget, the more and quicker results you’ll see. You’ll also learn more about yourself and your spending habits which translates to a better and more enhanced awareness of your overall financial picture.

No matter which spending tracker app you choose, you’re making a sound and responsible financial decision for your future.