10 Best Medical Apps for Doctors, Patients, and Students

Have you read about Apple’s new health effort that’s going to be a part of iOS 11.3?

According to reports, Apple’s Health app will have a new Health Records section, which will let users gather and view all of their medical records. At the moment, it’s still in beta testing, but the company’s optimistic it will be available to all iPhone users soon.

Now, if you can’t wait for this update, no problem. There are other awesome medical apps you can download on your device. Here are our top picks.

For Doctors

There’s no lack of health apps on the market today. But most of them cater to patients. In fact, only 15% of mHealth apps are designed for those working in the medical field, in particular, doctors.

But don’t worry. We’ve done the legwork for you. Check out three of the best medical apps for physicians.

1. Epocrates

As far as medical apps go, it’s not hard to see why this is considered the gold standard by a lot of doctors. Epocrates, Inc. boasts that one out of two physicians in the US uses their app. And we can believe it, based on the number of downloads it has on iOS and Android (Hint: It’s over a million).

The app is free to use but it offers in-app purchases for premium content. The free features include drug information and interactions, latest medical news and research information, access to providers for consults and referrals, and so on.

2. UpToDate

This app doesn’t have as many downloads as Epocrates but it’s getting there. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the UpToDate app helps users find answers to clinical questions when they need it the most.

It’s free to download but if you want to get the most out of it, you or your organization should pay the annual subscription fee. This will give you access to the UpToDate database, which has the latest evidence-based clinical information covering medications, treatment protocols, and more.

3. Read by QxMD

Based on reviews, this is another popular app among physicians. Some even describe it as “the Flipboard for medical journals.”

It’s an apt description considering its simple interface, which lets users turn the app into a personalized digital journal. Here, doctors get to read new medical and scientific research, search PubMed, and browse through thousands of topic reviews.

Read also has sharing capabilities so you can post your favorite articles on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. You can download Read on any Apple/Android device.

For Patients

We’ve already featured medical apps for patients in a previous post. But we only listed five.

With so many good health apps for patients though, it’s only fitting we add more of them here.

4. AskMD

On your own, you would probably just go on Google, type your symptoms, and prepare for the worst.

Rather than doing that, AskMD will help you understand your symptoms better by giving you insights as to the possible causes. It will also recommend physicians covered by your insurance based on your location.

AskMD, like other apps we’ve mentioned so far, is available for both Android/iOS users.

5. Simple Contacts

Do you need to renew your contact lens prescription? This FDA-registered app will help you do it even without visiting a doctor’s office.

For first-time users, the app will ask you some questions about your medical history. Based on your answers, the app can check if you’re eligible for remote prescription renewal.

Then, with your lenses on, you’ll take a vision test, which will be done over video. The app will check if your current contact lenses are still accurate. If not, an Ophthalmologist will approve your prescription renewal within 24 hours.

6. Flo

Flo is a sexual wellness app that helps women track their cycles, periods, and PMS. It also features a Pregnancy Calculator, as well as a Lifestyle & Fitness tracker.

We like that it’s easy to use and free to download for both iOS and Android devices. If your concerns about sexual health are more pressing though, we urge you to check out Elna Sexual Wellness. The site offers a multidisciplinary approach to treating urological and sexual health problems.

7. CareZone

Patients who have low compliance are those who frequently forget to take their meds on time. CareZone can help by letting users organize their medical information.

With the app, you can take pictures of your meds and it will automatically detect names, dosages, and other details. It also alerts users to take their meds and provides other tools such as Blood Glucose, Sleep, and Weight trackers.

For Students

Gone are the days when medical students only have heavy medical books as their primary tool for learning. Today, along with books, there are numerous medical apps designed to aid med students in their studies. These include:

8. Prognosis

Want to test your diagnosis, testing, and treatment skills? Prognosis allows you to do that in a risk-free environment.

It works like a game but the patient examples are based on real-life scenarios. All your answers will be compared to ideal protocols.

Prognosis is free to download for iOS and Android.

9. Brainscape

It’s no secret that med students do a lot of studying. If you’re the type who likes making study guides, this app is for you.

Brainscapes lets users make their own decks (flashcard style), which they can then share with classmates. If you’re not a med student yet and just preparing for med school, you can check out the app’s MCAT study subject.

10. 3M Littman Soundbuilder

Students and practicing clinicians who wish to improve their auscultation skills should use this app. It contains 14 lessons focusing on key heart sounds.

Investing in the premium content will give you access to normal and abnormal heart and respiratory sounds, complete with animations and imagery. Soundbuilder is only available for iOS devices.

Looking for More Medical Apps?

One of our goals is to regularly feature the best apps in different categories. If you’re looking for more medical and health-related apps, feel free to browse our blog.