10 Best Law Apps for Law School Students

It seems like there’s an app for everything. From CandyCrush to bathroom locators to music recommendation apps – everything you could need comes in app form.

And this is certainly true for the needs of law students. There are hundreds of law apps out there that can make your life easier. But with so many apps out there, how can you know which are the best and which are a waste of your download data?

We’ve narrowed down the top 10 best apps for law school students. Keep reading to find out which apps are worth your time.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app that can help you organize and share your notes from lectures, research, and work. It can work on virtually all devices, from iOS to Android to iPhone, which makes it easy to share your work between all of your various phones and computers.

Evernote can organize your notes into separate notebooks, making it easy to identify which notes are for what. You can also create checklists, reminders, to-do lists, and voice memos. Everything you create on Evernote is easily shareable via e-mail or device syncing.

Evernote also allows you to attach web sources and images to your notes.

There’s a free version that consists of the note-taking, sharing, and organizational features. There’s also a paid version that offers increased storage space, unlimited syncing across devices, as well as the ability to work offline.

2. CamScanner

In law school, you’ll often be swamped with papers, notes, law journals, case reviews, and other law books. Instead of lugging these things around with you all the time, a scanner app like CamScanner will allow you to turn these hard copies into digital PDF files.

This app is free to download and works on both Android and iPhone.

3. Research Database Apps

It’s no surprise that law school involves a lot of studying and a lot of research. You can make your life a lot easier by downloading a research database app that will allow you to search for cases and do legal research directly through the app.

Some good database law apps to consider are WestLawNext and Lexis Advance. These are both free apps. However, you will need a subscription to them, which many law schools provide. Check with your school’s library to make sure you have a subscription.

4. Legal Dictionary Apps

At the beginning of law school, the amount of terminology you are going to be learning is going to be overwhelming. Instead of carrying around a huge law dictionary, you can download a legal dictionary app.

A legal dictionary app is one of the best law apps you can download. It will make it convenient and easy for you to look up terms you’re unfamiliar with. The most popular would be Black’s Law Dictionary, but it will cost almost 60 dollars.

For those who can’t swing that expensive of an app, you can try using the free Nolo’s Plain English Law Dictionary app.

5. Law Dojo

Studying isn’t always the most fun activity, but with the app Law Dojo, it can be. Law Dojo is an app that helps you study through a variety of games.

You can pick from many different subjects to test on, from contracts to criminal law to ethics. You then proceed to answer questions until you get three wrong. This fun app can break up the monotony of reading hundreds of pages of reviews and cases while still helping you learn.

6. Quizlet

Quizlet is another app you can use for studying. This app allows you to create flashcards easily with a simple, understandable layout.

You can create a new set of flashcards for each class, test, semester, or however you want to organize it. The app allows you to add and delete flashcards from a set whenever you want.

Quizlet also has various ways to test you. You can go through flashcards normally, or you can click “learn” where one side of the card is shown to you and you type out the answer on the other side. Quizlet also can generate tests and games from your flashcards.

7. SCOTUSblog App

As a law student, it’s important to keep up with the rulings and cases of the Supreme Court. The SCOTUSblog app will allow you to keep up with Supreme Court news, rulings, and decisions.

Through the app, you can also access statistics, polls, as well as filings and other resources.

8. ABA Journal App

The American Bar Association Journal (ABA Journal) app will allow you to keep up with important legal news via summaries, articles, and legal analysis.

The app is updated each day so you can be sure to have the most recent and important legal knowledge as you work through your schooling.

9. US Constitution App

All USAttorneys and aspiring attorneys should download the US Constitution App. The constitution is the basis for our law and our government as we know it; understanding and reading it is crucial for becoming a lawyer.

10. Rulebook App

Rulebooks are big, numerous, and a hassle to carry around with you.

Rulebook app fixes this problem for you. It’s free to download, but it does have in-app purchases where you can download a variety of useful additions including The Bluebook(R), numerous federal rulebooks, and the US Constitution.

Rulebook app allows you to:

  • Search for keywords
  • Research cases and laws
  • Highlight important sentences
  • Use an active table of contents
  • Quickly make citations
  • Take in-app notes
  • Bookmark pages

This app will allow you to replace many of your huge rulebooks while also providing you with the helpful, in-app features.

These Are the Best Law Apps You Can Get

Law school is a long, tough road. These 10 law apps will help make that road a little easier to walk along, and they’ll also save your back from lugging around five 1,000 page volumes of law rulebooks and case studies every day.

Hopefully, these apps will help you out on your law school journey. Check out our other legal articles for some other law related tips and information.