The 10 Best HookUp Apps To Download In 2018

We live in an age where everything is far more convenient than it was for our parents.

Rather than look through a dictionary or encyclopedia for answers to our questions, we can find the necessary solution on the internet in mere seconds.

In fact, the Internet has become a powerful communication tool that can bring people together.

It can also help you meet others with similar interests.

Not everyone has the time or energy to go out and look for someone that they resonate with. That’s why hookup apps have become so popular in recent years.

As the Internet continues to evolve, so does the convenience that comes with it.

Much like 2017, 2018 is proving to be a promising year for hookup apps.

Continue reading to find the 10 that will be worth your time in the coming year.

1. Tinder

At this point, Tinder is a name that most people have heard of. In fact, it’s become one of the most popularly downloaded dating apps.

And, since Tinder is so popular, it has a very large user base. This means that there are plenty of potential matches for anyone who wants to make a profile.

Tinder is also known for being an app that is geared to both dating and hookups, so you don’t have to feel pressured to do one or the other.

2. OkCupid

Like Tinder, OkCupid is a name that has been around for an extensive period of time.

On the app’s interface, you can rate other people’s profiles and also express what you’re looking for in terms of dating experience.

This will help you narrow down the people you interact with, and ultimately find someone that you click with.

Furthermore, OkCupid also lets you know that someone has looked at your profile, so you can see what type of people are interested in you.

3. Bumble

Bumble is one of the most useful hookup apps due to the fact that female users are the only ones who are permitted to initiate a conversation.

Much like Tinder, two users can match. But, since only women can speak first, this eliminates a large amount of spam and harassment that comes from male users.

While the user base is not quite as large as Tinder’s, there are still plenty of other people to choose from. Therefore, it is a solid option for those seeking a hookup or a relationship.

4. Disckreet

Disckreet prides itself on being a very private, intimate hookup app.

You’ll be able to share messages and photos with other users, but both users have to separately enter their respective passcodes in order to access this information.

Disckreet is the perfect option for those who are looking for an experience that they can keep on the down-low.

5. 3Somer

Sometimes, couples are looking for something to add a little more excitement to the bedroom.

This can potentially involve adding a third-party into the mix.

While this is not an uncommon interest among dating and married couples alike, it’s something that you’ll have a hard time finding on regular hookup apps.

In fact, the larger apps like Tinder and Bumble may have people who are explicitly against this type of behavior.

If meeting up with a stranger for some fun with your significant other is what you’re into, 3Somer is the perfect way to find it.

A great place to find someone open to this scenario is by searching for a LoveSita Paris Escort. There are plenty of opportunities to fit your needs.

6. Her

In the LGBTQ scene, Her is renowned as being one of the most popular hookup apps.

This app is also known for being very centralized around consent and women’s rights, so it’s important to understand that before making an account.

As long as you keep these tenants in mind, you shouldn’t have a hard time at all finding someone to share a memorable experience with.

7. Whiplr

Just like how Her is geared more toward people in the LGBTQ community, Whiplr is an app people can use to help satisfy their fetishes.

It is also one of the best hookup apps in terms of user involvement since everyone is on the same page about what they want.

If you’re looking to get a fix for a craving, Whiplr is a great place to start looking for other likeminded individuals.

8. Pure

Pure is perfect for people who are looking for a no-strings-attached experience.

As the name suggests, it involves hooking up in its purest form.

Pure also has extensive privacy mechanics, as your photos are only available for an hour at a time.

9. Blendr

Blendr is just like Tinder and Bumble in terms of user experience. There are plenty of people in the user base, and it is proving to grow in popularity as time goes on.

Plus, it comes with all of the same features as the other main apps that people know and love, such as private messaging and the opportunity to block users.

In the future, Blendr has the chance to make its way to the top and stand among the heavy hitters of the hookup apps.

10. Down

Down centralizes around long-term relationships.

While this may seem counterproductive to hooking up, many people want to check out their physical chemistry before they get too invested in their potential partner.

Down is much like Tinder and the other major names. It’s equipped with everything you need, including private messaging, blocking, and the opportunity to search for whatever you’d like.

Hookup Apps May Be The Future of Dating

While it may seem outlandish to people who have only ever dated conventionally, hookup apps have proven to be a great alternative to going out and meeting their potential romantic interest.

Hookup apps take all of the legwork out of the equation.

There’s no need to buy drinks or dress up, and you’re guaranteed to find someone who’s looking for the same thing that you are.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to date traditionally, these apps will always be an option for those who wish to try something new.

Software’s usefulness doesn’t stop at dating apps, though. There are certain trends you should keep an eye on in 2018.