10 Best Garage Door Apps of 2017

A garage door app solves problems of theft. Unclosed garage doors are responsible for 50 percent of burglaries that happen to homes. This situation occurs when owners are negligent.

Luckily, smartphones have come to give smarter homes. As convergence devices, they have replaced security devices.

In this generation, we can do anything with our smartphones. Smartphone functions include connecting your phone to your garage door opener. Hence, you control your garage door with your smartphone.

It’s not science-fiction. With a good garage door app, homeowners can rest. With this in mind, you want to have the best app controlling your door.

Read on to know more.

10 Garage Apps to Check Out

While trying to make your choice of a great garage door application to use, check these out:

GarageMate by BTmate

BTmate GarageMate app is highly compatible with various garage door openers. Purchasing a complete kit from BTmate is for less than are affordable. Installation is a simple process; done for five minutes.

To install it, follow the instructions in the DIY YouTube video.

The Andriod application pairs the Bluetooth headset.

Then, the application operates like the regular remote. It connects well; while several meters away from the Bluetooth.

It is free for up to 30 clicks. After this, the license fee is pocket-friendly. Download from either BTmate or google play. The app is easy to use.

Tap It Open by Simon Says

This app works like the BTmate’s solution. Bluetooth technology is also employed here.

The app is free, but the Tap Open kit is quite inexpensive. The BTmate kit is highly compatible with various brands of garage door openers.

Installation is easy. Download it from Google Play store. After download, there’s a “password” option.

Users have rated it 5-star, and reviews are encouraging.

Craftsman Garage Door by Sears

This smartphone app works in conjunction with Craftsman’s AssureLink. It works perfectly with Craftsman garage door openers. It is barely compatible with other garage door openers.

The app does not depend on Bluetooth connectivity. It uses internet connection instead. It is available for download from iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

The range covers far more than the apps using Bluetooth connectivity. It is possible to see your garage from anywhere with your phone and an internet connection.

You can also control lights using this app.

There are mixed reviews on this app.

Liftmaster Home Control Garage Door App

The Liftmaster control app is from Chamberlain. It works hand-in-hand with MyQ-enabled garage door openers.

It also works with gate operators and house lights. The connection is where your phone has an internet connection.

The app controls many garage door openers.

It also switches lights on or off. For efficient use, select usage at security levels. The passcode option is an extra security vice.

The app is free after registration.

The reviews are mixed. There are several reports of a poor tech support. Some people complain about the spotty coverage too.

Nexx Garage Door App

Nexx garage door app uses wifi network in conjunction with your garage door opener. The result is a device accessed from anywhere. This app is helpful in securing garage buildings.

The trigger for opening the door is the Nexxa Garage Controller. It is cheap.

MyQ Smart Garage Control

This app, by Chamberlain, is used in conjunction with MyQ-enabled products.

It allows for easy opening, closing or inspection of your garage door.

The MyQ home lighting can also be monitored from anywhere; using your smartphone or tablet.

You can be confident knowing the main entrance to your home or business is safe. Instant security alerts are sent based on the activities around your garage door.

With one tap, you can see the status of your door when you put on your internet connection.

Using the app, add schedules to close your door at certain times. This ability takes away the bother that your garage door is open.

Nold Open Garage Door App

With this app, you hold your phone instead of keys. It can recognize your phone when you are close and opens your gate.

It gives your guest access to your garage using their email address. It gives you the chance to revoke this access once their stay is over.

This solution is a comfortable and secure solution for family and friends. You can manage a large number of guests using your phone and internet connection.

Gsm Gate Opener

You can use this garage door app in conjunction with the GSM Gate Opener/Relay Switch RTU5024 device. The device itself is simple yet powerful. With a connection to your mobile phone, it sends a call to your mobile phone.

With caller ID-technology, you can get notifications about your garage door.

You can use it in places where you are required to put off all your devices. It gives access to doors and controls gates.

It helps to provide an order for car parking arrangements too.

Bzgarage Garage Door App

Using the Bluetooth of your Android device, you can securely connect your garage. Due to the Bluetooth coverage range, you can only operate from any part of your home.

After downloading this app, you have to buy the hardware too. Purchase the receiver unit to connect many android devices.

It is helpful for the whole family.

You can make the connection within seconds.

The application is simple to operate. It has three buttons; the connect button, the close button and the open button.

Garage Door Remote Open Sesame App

This garage door app does not use an internet connection. Once purchased, pairing is done using Bluetooth.

H&A Open Sesame Garage Door Opener Bluetooth device is used to enable your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Using the app, you can clone many garage remotes for free.

It comes with a default password for security. Change it for personalization and additional security.

Open Sesame comes with a default password that you need to change for added security.

To Wrap It Up

Smartphones have replaced many products. Garage remotes are one of these products. Remotes could get misplaced.

Also, when you compare costs, smartphone use is inexpensive. Smartphones are taking over every market. They are slowly substituting wallets, video players, and games. Also, it is easier to install these apps.

However, you must check your door type before installing an app. Conduct your research and ensure that the app meets up to the demand of your door and your garage remote.

To know more about automation devices for garage doors or garage purchase, read our blog today!