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Make Money with Pligg

Open source development is a rewarding experience, but sometimes developers need to eat, and that costs money! We’ve created a Pligg vendor program to benefit content producers who want to sell their non-tangible goods through If you have a Pligg-related product, like a module, template, or ebook, you can list it for sale and earn money! We handle hosting your product, marketing, and payment processing. See the quick feature list below, and if you haven’t already sign up to become a vendor at the bottom of the page.

  1. As a vendor, you will be given permission to list both free and paid digital items on
  2. Receive commissions at the time of the order. No minimums, no wait.
  3. All accounts earn a 66% commission (minus Paypal fees).
  4. Sell the product elsewhere. We don’t mind as long as you don’t list it below the price.
  5. Compose product listing pages in a WYSIWYG editor.
  6. View commissions from the Vendor dashboard.
  7. Our shop makes it easy to define the current release version for products so that customers will see an update from their Pligg Admin Panel.

How it Works

1. Apply

If you didn’t opt-in for a Vendor account when you registered your account, you can apply to become a Vendor by selecting the check box to the right. Make sure that you are logged in to your account, agree to our terms and conditions, and submit the form. Applications are automatically approved and you should receive an email confirming your Vendor status.

2. Your Payment Email

Once your account has been approved as a Vendor, you will want to visit the Vendor Settings page to set your Paypal email address. This is how Pligg LLC will send you commissions.

Set Your Paypal Email

Vendor Paypal

3. Vendor Dashboard

The Vendor Dashboard is where you can quickly review sales information (example to the right) and find links to manage your Vendor settings and products.

For more advanced reporting tools, view the Vendor Reports page.

Visit the Vendor Dashboard

Vendor Sales Report

4. Add Downloads

Draft and submit your first product by visiting the link below. When you are satisfied with your product page draft, submit it for review and if everything looks okay to us, it will go live in the Pligg Downloads section.

Add a Product

4. Edit Downloads

Draft and submit your first product by visiting this link. When you are satisfied with your product page draft, submit it for review and if everything looks okay to us, it will go live in the Pligg Downloads section.

View and Edit Products

Vendor Edit Products

Frequently Asked Questions

How should Vendors provide support?
It is up to each vendor to define their own support policy. You can use the product page’s comment area, a public or private forum, emails, or direct messaging, it’s entirely up to you.

We recommend adding a brief support policy under the “Seller Info” field on the Shop Settings page. That way it will display the policy under the “Seller Info” tab on all of your product pages.

What are “Sale” items?
If a vendor is interested in offering a promotional price for a product, they can list it on “sale”. When an item is on sale, the shop will display both the normal retail price and the sale price so that users can see how much of a discount they are getting. Sale pricing is not meant to be permanent, which is why we enforce a 7 day limit for sales. We also require a 14 day buffer period between sales, so that vendors don’t abuse the temporary nature of sale pricing. Vendors can schedule a start and end date for sales pricing from the product admin page.

If we discover that an item is being offered on sale without a set start and end date, or if the sale has lasted for more than 7 days in a row, we will change the regular price value to match the sale value and then remove the sale price so that it no longer displays as ‘on sale’.

Can I list free items?
You certainly can! When adding or editing a product, select the “External/affiliate product” dropdown option in the “Product Data” area, then provide a URL to the file or a download page. If you choose to link to an outside website, the page should clearly display a download link so that users can easily find it. Vendors who post free products are recognized as valuable members of our community. Your open source contributions may result in added benefits, like a higher commission rate or a more prominent position in our shop.