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CharlotteXpress is from Charlotte, NC
Question: Please how to remove or change "Welcome to Plig CMS!
Answer: provided by user_7892936 620 days ago
- 2 + Simply make a New submission Published and, viola, it's gone!
Question: Admin Panel Widgets - Statistics Will Not Install
Answer: provided by user_7892936 619 days ago
- 0 + Thanks. That worked. I see the same thing's happening on the site ~ Hope a fix comes soon.
Question: Admin nav menu doesn't work
Answer: provided by user_7892936 623 days ago
- 0 + That fixed it! No changes to template so I re-downloaded Pligg 2.0.0 and uploaded the template dir to the server overwriting the old files and it just started working correctly. Sweet! Thanks for helping!
Question: Sitemap - Pligg 2.0
Answer: provided by user_7892936 612 days ago
- 0 + I don't see a /sitemap.php file in pligg 2.0 ~ README says "Module that will generate an xml sitemap dynamically and ping google" so is there any sitemap file to submit to webmaster tools?
Question: How to reinstall Statistics widget?
Answer: provided by user_7892936 619 days ago
- 1 + Until this bug is fixed, you could use phpMyAdmin to insert a row in the "widgets" table that will make it installed. IF you're not comfortable with phpMyAdmin, then better off waiting for the fix to come out.