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Pooja Chettri is a Internet Professional
Dear ChuckRoast,
dear forum members,
please check the image attached.

I receive 403 error when I submit a post through bookmarklet (tested using Chrome, or Explorer).

I got the same feedback from other members of the site.

I really appreciate the help.

P.S. My site URL is
Using Social Pro Kit template.
I modified linksumarry.tpl file. Replaced user rank, time, categories by changing one another position. Every thing worked fine however I felt the default position was good and replaced the codes once again exactly the same way as it was before but this time things are not working fine. I lost the user rank next to user avatar and name just below the story title.

I tried second option . To bring things to its normal position I uploaded the link summary original file but still its not working. Deleted template cache from server, from my pc. I tried every thing but failed to get the rank of few users but some still shows wrong ranks.
Please check: and suggest what should I do.
Also check that the user names Pukar has no rank to display. While just below Cherry shows #1