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I dont know how the direct author of this module is (it says Pligg team) so I want to post my twitter module questions here.
1. The module is great when someone logs in with there twitter login in the can tweet a story straight to there wall. But is it possible to have the tweet button open a window with an editable field so that before tweeting the person can edit the title? Right now it just auto posts the title and link.
2. Im not seeing a "connect with twitter" button when no one is logged in. Is it possible to have this option as I see that it is a button choice included in the image folder.

Anyone using the disqus module know how to add the comment count to the story footer? The default pligg comment counter is working fine, but since I am replacing it with Disqus I want it to display the Disqus comments. Thanks!

Ps does anyone know jiyath's email so I can email him directly?
Anyone encountered this issue? -->

One creates a story and adds tags. On viewing the story, the tags do not appear. One needs to "edit and save" the story for them to appear.
I am new to pligg. Is it possible to submit content in wysiwyg mode? I do not need to submit urls. I need to submit text and images content (like I actually do in my wordpress blog)

Is it possible?

I want to backup my pligg website. How can I do this?
Hi all, Im new to Pligg and like what I have seen so far.

I know in the admin there seems to be an option to mail all users, but is there an automated way for users to get a daily / weekly email of all new posts that have been added ? Bit like a basic newsletter.

Is there anyone that offers paid help ? I have approached a couple of the posters in here but no luck / no response. I can post on Odesk if not, but prefer someone part of the community.
Hi all,
I doing a custom module to show a message alert to certain users, but I have due with how manage and access to users tables.

I have made a tpl inside in my module and I want to check if the user logged has a value in his profile. Could someone help me with that?

I have some thing like this:

global $db,$my_base_url,$my_pligg_base;
$userid = $current_user->user_id;

some text to show certain user manage with one IF

I have created a new bookmarking site using pligg cms But I cannot enter to my admin panel. While I try to enter to my admin then, I am being redirected www.www.highprsocialbookmark/admin/index.php . ........ this www. repeated. why and how can I solve this problem? Also it shows ... Findex.php when I click on "publish news" tab Please check this tell me the solution.
only showing results up to 5000 but website results have more than 5000 urls
How can I add a streamline of twitter in the sidebar?? Which is the code??