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Anyone else have issues with category order. The order in of the categories in the admin panel are not the same as they appear on the main page. Any help? Thanks
all goes good till step 4 then i get blank step 4 page witout anything happening.
Hi, i am new and pligg. Today i install pligg in my site, but in the log show this errors:

[20-Mar-2014 05:26:11] PHP Warning: Table '****_pligg.pligg_files' doesn't exist in /*********/libs/db.php on line 479

How can i fixed?
I have install successfully pligg manually.........but I can not submit a new story. It shows "Incomplete title or text, or either of these fields was shorter than the minimum allowed length" though I submitted between correct value. Why does it happen? any body ever get this problem?..before this my url bar is look good like others but i dont know why in this two days his showing http// in that url bar..

Hope anybody help or give some solution on this.. tanks in advance.
Hey i was wondering if it was possible to manually sticky/feature items at the top of the home page. Is there a module do this? I want to have "editor's picks" at the top, so people can easily see what i think is the best content.
Every week I login to github I see new updates. I have been looking for the way to download the same but haven't discovered yey. Manualling copying the codes takes lots of time. Is there any way.
I have converted it to Bootstrap 3. Please find below code:
************ Search Box *************

{checkActionsTpl location="tpl_pligg_search_start"}

{if !isset($searchboxtext)}
{assign var=searchboxtext value=#PLIGG_Visual_Search_SearchDefaultText#}
var some_search='{$searchboxtext}';



{checkActionsTpl location="tpl_pligg_search_end"}

i am importing stories from rss import module but this stories not get published until i manually review and publish them
Hey, can anyone please help me understand how Pligg authenticates users and keeps track of them at and after login. I'm looking into having users sign in with twitter.
I'm making slow progress rummaging through the code, but it would be very helpful if someone just ran over flow with me and how the main logic works. Thanks a bunch.