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I can't find it in the admin_language module.
I can't find the word "Sort" in the language editor. Is there a way to translate it?
Is it possible for the submiter to remove a submited listing?
I just see the possibility to edit.
When someone tries to submit a new listing, it would be very interesting that Pligg shows a number of similar listings that have previously been written by other users.

This system is used by Quora, StackOverflow and other similar sites.
Is it possible to build a multi-language pligg site?
I've read the following information about how to sell Pligg Modules & Templates:

Does it applies to "translations"?
Can I sell a translation as well, or do I have to sell them elsewhere? (if possible)
I would prefer that the new submissions are published on the front page.
When a member posts an url inside the description of a listing, it appears as plain text.

Is there a way to post a clicable URL?

Which HTML tags can we enable at /admin/admin_config.php?page=Submit?

Is there a list?

I've just seen some of them: