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Dear Pligg Developers,

How I to create Under Construction Page in Pligg 2.0

I just installed pligg 2.0.0rc2 on my host (Bluehost). Everything looks great, but after changing "Require users to validate their email address?" to "true", I noticed that no validation email is being sent after registration.

please assist
why the Arabic language turned into question marks after submitting content ????
even with the arabic UI installed !!!
I have tried out a lot but cannot find thw way out to chang the following:

1. Colour of the Title of the post?
2. Colour of the sidebar links?

Whenever I add a link it turns to blue coloured link by default. How can this be changed to other colour. Please suggest.
Dear ChuckRoast,
Dear Forum Members,

Please check the image attached.

Is there a way to modify the font size of posts title?

Also, is there a way to make orizontal the navigation of pages?

Both points are marked with a arrow in the image attached.

I really appreciate the efforts.

P.S. My site URL is
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