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hi all
i have just set up a new pligg site in latest version >> 2.0.0 RC2

but the problem is that it redirects me to a blank page when i press final submit button to submit story..and story moderation pro module is also not working properly with this version.

link to site :
Fresh install, on submitting on step 2 of the submit process it just goes to a blank page.


disabled captchas and spam checking - any ideas? known issue?
I am running pligg site from last 3 months but from last 2 days there is submission problem. When anyone is trying to submit story when we finish step 3 it shows error.

Why it is happening?

Can some one help me on this issue?


The `Agree to Terms` module is not working on the latest release of Pligg 2.0.0 on my install. The pop-up box is not appearing. Any suggestion on how to resolve it. It was working fine on Pligg 2 RC1. Here is a link to my site:

Thanks in advance!
The Agree to Terms module is not working on my install of Pligg 2.0.0. It was previously working on release 2 RC1. The pop-up box does not appear now when clicked on the link. Any suggestion on how I can resolve this? Here is a link to my site:

Thanks in advance.