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3 files have been edited.


### class.KMessaging_v1.2.3.php
replaced the word "read" with "readed" as that's what the database field is called.

### user_navigation.tpl
added a button to send a private message to the user's profile page.

### simple_messaging_main.php
changed the function name from GetMessege() to GetMessage() and you no longer need to be friends with a user to be able to send him a message.

Warning: apply these fixes at your own risk. Pligg's official team has not verified this yet.
I have tried out a lot but cannot find thw way out to chang the following:

1. Colour of the Title of the post?
2. Colour of the sidebar links?

Whenever I add a link it turns to blue coloured link by default. How can this be changed to other colour. Please suggest.
1. Use normal pagination links
2. JavaScript that automatically adds more articles to the bottom of the page
3 JavaScript button to manually load more articles

#These are the three Pagination Method available on pligg 2.0. But none of this are working.
When I add 1st pagination method no links shows up at the bottom.
# When I add 2st pagination method no links shows up at the bottom and the footer section also gets hidden.
#When I add 3st pagination method (same as 2nd)
Please suggest pliggers.
Can any one please me the following:

1. How do I increase the sidebar in a pligg.
2. How do i increase main content area in a pligg
3. How do I decrease the white space on both the sides (left & right) this is taking lots of space.
I am thinking to create 'Question and Answer' website using pligg backed. I want the same design as Pligg Support uses ( ). Actual widths, Very same Design. Can any one please suggest me please. Please also specify is there any template that can help me.
Please i want to change the welcome to pligg cms, ... submit new article. . . in Pligg 2.00
Hallo, I install module upload and doesn´t work.
I tried many times different changes, different setup and nothing happend. The file here i tried upload JCVD. Could you help me?
How do I change the following:
1. Color of the Post title.
2. Background color of the Sidebar
3. Width expanding or contracting of a sidebar
4. Width expanding or contracting of the main post body
Every week I login to github I see new updates. I have been looking for the way to download the same but haven't discovered yey. Manualling copying the codes takes lots of time. Is there any way.
Anybody know how to change the register password length limit? It is currently set to a minimum of 5 and I would like to change this plus maybe add in other criteria: numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase.