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Hey all,

In the user profile the stories diplayed under submisted and new are all being sorted by most recent but the upvoted page sorts them by most upvoted not most recent, is there anyway to change this? or does anyone know where the code for these is?

Hey all,

Just a quick question every user's profile is inside of /user, is there a way to have it just be

Is it just some code to add to the .htaccess file?

Hey all!
Was wondering if its possible to add arrows or buttons to to link to the next and previous stories on a main story page. (So for example the page that contains the full body/description and comments at the bottom.) Is it possible to add arrows for example left and right to automatically go to the next published item?
Attached a pic for clarity
I know this has been brought up before but has anything been done to fix the pligg "sort" feature?
Whenever I try to sort by "Most Upvotes" it does sort by most upvotes but mixes in published and new content. Same goes for trying to sort "Most Upvotes" in a certain catagory. This is also an issue in the actuall Pigg demo. Ive tried all of the suggestions previously brought up with no luck, does anyone have any working solutions?
I saw in a question posted 290 days ago that the moderator was not completely secure that it had too much power. Is this still an issue?

Ive noticed that when I am in a Moderator account I am able to manipulate all of the other (levels) accounts info and even CHANGE the admin passwords. Clearly something is not right.
Hey all,

I was wondering how to us the masonry javascript on pligg. I have noticed that several templates have this as a feature. Is masonry automatically included in pligg? How do I use it?

Hey all, this is question mostly directed at ChuchRoast but maybe other have expereicened the same.
When using Pagination mode 1 (regular page numbers at the bottom) the auto content scraper displays perfectly.
However when using the 2nd (auto java load) or 3rd (click to read more) it loads my story block but does not load the embedly content. It only displays the title of the content it is scrapping. Is there anyway to have it load the embedly image as you scroll down? Thanks!
Whenever I try to manually validate a users email, I get this error at the top:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /admin/admin_user_validate.php on line 1

Any idea why this might be happening?
Is anyone out there using the Facebook Share Button?

I have tried both the official HTML 5 one from fb and Chuckroasts module: "Facebook Sharer" both of which don't scrap the information properly. Some posts it properly pulls the titles, some it just uses my sites title. I have a tweet button which scrapes the links and titles perfectly. Anyone have any suggestions, on where to use it?
I dont know how the direct author of this module is (it says Pligg team) so I want to post my twitter module questions here.
1. The module is great when someone logs in with there twitter login in the can tweet a story straight to there wall. But is it possible to have the tweet button open a window with an editable field so that before tweeting the person can edit the title? Right now it just auto posts the title and link.
2. Im not seeing a "connect with twitter" button when no one is logged in. Is it possible to have this option as I see that it is a button choice included in the image folder.