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When i using bootstrap theme "Add to Favorites/Bookmarks" button working pretty as well.
But i purchased Pagikks theme and when i using Pagikks, "Add to Favorites" button doesn't work. I tried uninstall all modules cuz i think maybe overlap some modules with favorites module. But its not. I tried everything. When i back bootstrap theme button works again. My web site:
Cant get this darn thing to work. Any help would be appreciated.
Thumbnails Not Appearing In Story Page,But Showing In Homepage.Pls Help
When you create a group you can limit the minimum votes to publish a story to the group. No matter what is the number (e.g 15), any story with any number of votes can be pulished.

Thank you.
How do I change the following:
1. Color of the Post title.
2. Background color of the Sidebar
3. Width expanding or contracting of a sidebar
4. Width expanding or contracting of the main post body