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Question: Spam filter did not work?
Answer: provided by cpligg 630 days ago
- 0 + Thanks jhawkin,

It worked!
Question: How to turn Off the RSS feeds feature completely?
Answer: provided by cpligg 640 days ago
- 0 + Hi,

Thanks for the detailed and informative reply. Its certainly gave me a detailed insight in to the RSS feature. I think, its a great feature within Pligg. I was wondering if, for some reasons, I opt to turn that feature off then how would I be able to it. I think having a toggle option would also be a great addition to Pligg?
Question: Having an issue with Agree to terms module
Answer: provided by cpligg 643 days ago
- 0 + I just downloaded and installed the latest module on to Pligg 2.0 and can confirm that it fails to load the terms & conditions page.
Question: I have fixed the Private Messaging system [files attached]
Answer: provided by cpligg 639 days ago
- 0 + The email notification "from" field is with the standard email address even though I changed the setting within the "modify language" module to my websites email address?