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Question: How to Integrate CMS?
Answer: provided by sayog 590 days ago
- 0 + Visit this link http://YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME/admin/admin_login.php and add the credentials you created during Installation of Pligg.

Question: How to avoid having the 'New' Section on Pligg?
Answer: provided by sayog 590 days ago
- 0 + ... and how do I show my visitors a personalized homepage rather than the default popular post.
Question: Image does not appear using apload module
Answer: provided by sayog 602 days ago
- 0 + @ pilihanberita: There is a bug in upload module.

Report a bug here:
Question: How to install templates and plugins?
Answer: provided by sayog 605 days ago
- -1 + @ ChuckRoast : Please get straight. Why don't you clarify things.

@ phlprinting: Sign in to your control panel go to directory 'Module' (not root ) and upload you zipped module in the module directory.

Same as above for template just choose template directory.

Any issues write back.
Question: Release ver 2.0 but don't have an tutorial
Answer: provided by sayog 607 days ago
- 0 + Hey, you need to have a look at the answers provided in this very pligg support site. I would also like to add that we are running a trial support site for pligg. You may check it here for more details.
Question: How to redirect user to a custom page?
Answer: provided by sayog 568 days ago
- 0 + Where should I include this line. I mean which file. pligg.tpl or link_summary.tpl
Question: Why does my profile settings page keep getting jumbled and then crashes?
Answer: provided by sayog 617 days ago
- 1 + Delete the file (jquery.masonry.min.js) from your server. Delete template cache. Believe me it works.
Question: Front page content
Answer: provided by sayog 624 days ago
- 0 + I too wanted the same thing to happen. Testing......

.....but when someone enters the home address it is suppose to open the Home by default which shows as given below.

Welcome to Pligg CMS!

It looks like you've just set up a new Pligg website. Now would be a good time to submit your first article and then publish it to the homepage.

Cant this section be edited for the same.
Question: How can I create 'Question Answer' website using Pligg?
Answer: provided by sayog 624 days ago
- 0 + Got a little problem in the site which i am testing. At first it was working well but certainly something went wrong. When I open the setting in profile tab it over laps ans something like this shows up.

(A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.)

Unresponsive script:

Question: How can I create 'Question Answer' website using Pligg?
Answer: provided by sayog 625 days ago
- -1 + Thanks for the quickest reply as possible. Please suggest few more. Hope Yankdic and Chuck Roast will also add their valuable comments.

1. + I suggest to add a site rules catergory and set it to Admin only access, also for the News category (HOW TO DO THIS)

2. How can I show Category lists to the Right Sidebar (See yahoo answers) rather showing it at the top. With more category it looks odd if placed at the top.