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Question: troubleshooter.php
Answer: provided by jhawkin 129 days ago
- 0 + Well......

"If any errors appear on that page you may have a problem with either installing or running Pligg."

You are welcome to ignore running that if you wish! But I'm thinking other people (like me) appreciate that nice, helpful tool.

Wondering -- Why would anyone take exception to this??
Question: troubleshooter.php
Answer: provided by jhawkin 111 days ago
- 0 + I've already uploaded and installed that file to all my Pligg installs and used it.

It worked as it is supposed to and alerted me to troubles on a few installs.
Question: Every time I click on the RSS Import Module nothing happens
Answer: provided by jhawkin 148 days ago
- 0 + Where is this 'RSS Import' you're talking about??

If you mean the RSS links on the main page (and the other public pages) then that gets populated as you add content.

If you mean the 'RSS import' under the admin side of Pligg then you must add feeds to that first. It's not hard to set up! If there's nothing there at all then you'll need to troubleshoot that issue but you should see a add a feed link and others.
Question: Every time I click on the RSS Import Module nothing happens
Answer: provided by jhawkin 147 days ago
- 0 + Oh, I thought you were having trouble with running the module itself. You need help with the download of the module from this website.

Yankidank will have to help you with that.
Question: How i can add a splashpage ?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 149 days ago
- 0 + Depending on what you want and what you actually mean, the Quick and Dirty method would be to place Pligg in a sub-directory and put your Splash Page in the root!

It's not real difficult to move Pligg to a sub-directory.
Question: Mass upload pictures
Answer: provided by jhawkin 178 days ago
- 0 + You can FTP multiple images to the proper attachment directories but you'll lose the automatic thumbnail creation that Pligg's upload module does so well. And adding the images to posts is almost as difficult from your server as it is from your personal PC unless you can grasp inserting the images from the editor itself.

I recommend just using the upload module as is within the editor.

Maybe someone will create a media manager down the road.
Question: RSS Importer "Failed to save changes"
Answer: provided by jhawkin 178 days ago
- 0 + Attached image didn't come through. What was the error?

You might also try a second different feed URL from somewhere else but right now I'm wondering about the error during install.
Question: Upload module error
Answer: provided by jhawkin 179 days ago
- 0 + Well, that image link as posted is malformed.... and the site returns a 404 when I manually repair it.

As to the RSS? You need to give RSS a valid RSS feed URL - Not a image link.

Maybe you could clarify what you're trying and explain it a little better.
Question: the pages
Answer: provided by jhawkin 178 days ago
- 0 + You'll need to edit the proper template file. Either the header file (which contains the menu usually), the footer (if that's where you want the link to the new page) or else the sidebar.

You can get to these from the template editor under the admin menu so you need to be logged in as Admin.
Question: Does the RSS Importer Plugin Work?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 205 days ago
- 0 + I'm a site developer and content aggregater running Pligg and the RSS importer works fine for me. I couldn't run these sites with out it.

Put a good RSS or Atom feed URL in it and it will do most all the work for you on the setup side. You'll need to add at least three fields to give you Story Title, Story Link and description.

When you click the module's link to add the first data field, Pligg RSS will parse the XML feed file and gather the available feed fields. If it doesn't add the first field setup line then the feed is corrupt.

Easy, Simple and almost fool proof. The other setup options help tweak that individual feed.