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Question: Animated GIFs/Avatars
Answer: provided by jhawkin 142 days ago
- 0 + Yes, OxyThemes, I think Pligg changes the extension but the format seems to still be the original gif format. I noticed that sometime back when building my first couple Pligg sites. And JPG isn't animated so it has to be a gif.
Question: Is there a template which is an exact duplicate to the simple to use reddit?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 147 days ago
- 0 + You're going backwards somewhat. Pligg 1.x.x ran a template called Wistie out of the box. I run a tweaked version of it on my 1.2.2 sites as it suits me. Maybe someone would update it to work with Pligg 2.x

BTW: the Blog side of my site runs WordPress on the 'Iconic one' theme which doesn't clash too much with Wistie!

I include a link here so you can see it
Question: Is there a template which is an exact duplicate to the simple to use reddit?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 146 days ago
- 0 + Hee Hee. Wistie is fairly bland or utilitarian out of the box but can be dressed up with artwork and clever CSS utilization.

I'm happy with what I have but plan a few changes here and there.

My business plan is calling for 150 plus sites so clear, easy, stable, and quick are important right now. Down the road when the income is up I'll probably hire some help including a designer.
Question: I can't submit on my site
Answer: provided by jhawkin 146 days ago
- 0 + Could be a browser refresh is needed but I doubt that is the problem. I've never seen that happen with Pligg except where I made changes from outside of Pligg itself.
Question: Anybody else besides me (and this site) running Pligg and WordPress together?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 143 days ago
- -1 + Yes, I have those modules and have been working with it as time allows.

BTW: what is the Pligg 'Salt Length'. I thought I had it right once but the login fails on the Pligg side.
Question: How fix problem in article with rich text
Answer: provided by jhawkin 149 days ago
- 1 + The links module has two or three settings that must be set to allow links to actually work in the story and/or comments. The third setting makes the links 'rel='nofollow''.

And the 'allowed html' must be set for Pligg to know what html is allowed. It's in 'configure - submit' in 1.2.2 and should be something equivalent in 2.0.x. Admin users can have different allowed html from normal users.
Question: Adding a badge or icon for mods or special accounts
Answer: provided by jhawkin 149 days ago
- 1 + Well there's two user levels for posters.... Admin and Normal. Shouldn't be too hard to add an icon to represent them. And that code could be in the templates. Extending the user types might be a little more challenging but not much.

Also, you might use the Karma system to add an icon within the templates according to karma level.

Reminds me of running a web board that was originally coded by Albert Fong. That cgi (in perl) had five user levels with military looking badges when released by the CyberArmy.

The Admin level user(s) would get a generals badge, stars or something and the users would get stripes added according to karma level.

Just my thoughts.
Question: Do you think we should switch back to the old forums?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 151 days ago
- 2 + Yes, the forum was better for me.
Question: Submit single link in Single login
Answer: provided by jhawkin 150 days ago
- 1 + That's sorta like, "Come on in and have a drink.... but if you want a refill you'll need to leave and re-enter!".
Question: Facebook Embedding ( Auto content + OTnewz theme )
Answer: provided by jhawkin 157 days ago
- 0 + Are you trying to share a post on your Pligg to Facebook or are you trying to share a Facebook Post to Pligg?

The site you're sharing to is the one that 'decides' what it is imported!