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Question: Error Log in pligg site
Answer: provided by jhawkin 190 days ago
- 0 + Looks like Akismet is causing your problems. Why not disable Akismet for a bit and see if the problem goes away?

Also, check that the Akismet key is still there (or that you did put the key in already).

BTW: Your ads would probably work a little better placed 'above the fold' and in the sidebar.
Question: Need a new status for newly submitted link
Answer: provided by jhawkin 195 days ago
- 0 + So this is what he was talking about yesterday in a reply he did to a very old post that touched on the story statuses.

He didn't mention the fact that the submit process wasn't completed there!

Yes, discard is right until the submission is complete then the story is moved to upcoming or published.

If the submission didn't complete then there should have been a error reported to the user or else in the logs.
Question: published link problem
Answer: provided by jhawkin 195 days ago
- 0 + You have 'votes to publish' set to 20 so It takes 20 upvotes to publish. When the user upvotes and the count hits 20 the post gets published. Doesn't matter that the number then goes down. That's a different case.

This is probably the best way to handle this otherwise you could ultimately find no published stories because the user(s) decided to downvote every story he/they saw.

You can always change the status on any story (doesn't matter then how many votes it has) through the admin panel. I have to do this once in a while because a imported (RSS) story just doesn't belong in my published page.
Question: "Message Error 2"
Answer: provided by jhawkin 197 days ago
- 0 + I wonder if maybe the problem with the admin user within this module might have something to do with the change of admin level names from 'god' to 'admin' since the messaging module originated from earlier versions.

That one may have even been part of Mename or the earliest versions of Pligg.
Question: i want used 1.2.2 pligg
Answer: provided by jhawkin 198 days ago
- 0 + Most of my Pligg sites still run 1.2.2 and the Wistie Template.

2.0.2 has a lot of nice features, runs well and looks good out of the box but I'm too busy to update due to all the changes I've made to the underlying code and the template.

So brand new site with no other reason to run 1.2.2? Install 2.0.2 that's where the support is and the new features are going.

Need to run the older stuff because you have templates, mods, features, labor and cash investments in that and customizations? Feel free to run 1.2.2 but don't expect a lot of support anymore. It's orphaned.

The good thing about this is the upgrade path is there and works.
Question: i want used 1.2.2 pligg
Answer: provided by jhawkin 198 days ago
- 0 + Hope that helps some. That's my thinking.
Question: [ASK] How to insert a no image icon
Answer: provided by jhawkin 200 days ago
- 0 + I was thinking about this at one time. The way I'd attack this is to modify the submission form in the template to default to your suggested image or else allow an uploaded image.

Create the new form in html first so you can then work the html into the tpl output. Not a tough task. Might not work but that's exactly how I start projects like this myself.

And, didn't you already ask this once? When you ask the same question twice it just clutters up this support area and half the posters may answer on one post while the rest answer the other. Don't do that!!!!
Question: [ASK] How to insert a no image icon
Answer: provided by jhawkin 199 days ago
- 0 + Thanks!!! I'm kinda hoping he might run with the idea and come up with something kinda cool. Lots of possibilities there.
Question: I can't enter admin a panel and the new user doesn't register.
Answer: provided by jhawkin 201 days ago
- 0 + I registered as a new user there (That's me, Gort). logged in and created a post.

You'll need to recover your password through the login form there.
Question: 500 internal server error
Answer: provided by jhawkin 202 days ago
- 0 + Not sure what is going on here but did you ftp in or look at your server error logs via the server control Panel?

BTW: This isn't related to this problem but looking at you DNS records I see two DNS servers that you parent servers don't seem to know about.

And when I requested a webpage from your servers IP address I see an 'account suspended' message which may or may not be any problem but I was hoping to see an actual webpage there. That would have helped me know the server was actually running and serving up webpages.

Anyway, look at those server logs and see if there's a issue there and call your host just to make sure everything is okay if you haven't done so already.

Once you're back up and running you might want to fix that DNS issue.