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Question: Pligg & Wordpress
Answer: provided by jhawkin 119 days ago
- 0 + I've tried several times to implement this setup. It would really be nice but I just can't get it working.

I have WordPress in the root directory and Pligg 2.0.x in a subdirectory. (is this the problem?). I've edited the wp_redirect_main locations several different ways. Didn't help!

The mnm_user cookie doesn't get set though the mnm_key always does. If I rename the module and deactivate the plugin then clear the cookies I can login to either system just fine.

I did find an error in the WordPress plugin where Salted was spelled Selted.... fixed that but it still won't work. I've even forced a user name into the Pligg module which finally set the mnm_user but it still didn't work.

It's not critical that I have this working but I'd really like to get it going so I could document the setup and maybe help other users who want it. Yeah, it would be nice to have it running.

I'm starting to doubt myself now. Help!!!!!
Question: Pligg & Wordpress
Answer: provided by jhawkin 112 days ago
- 0 + Just to let everyone know how this PliggWordPress login module s going......

I've done a bunch of temporary changes to the module and have it working slightly but it's not ready for production yet.

It is setting the cookies for Pligg 2.0.x and allowing the one login but it's not looking up and matching the users yet. But I'm getting there for sure.
Question: Pligg & Wordpress
Answer: provided by jhawkin 119 days ago
- 1 + You'll be fine then.

One tip if you run WordPress as your main or root app. BWP Google XML Sitemaps plugin. I have this one running on Wild Well and it knows about Pligg's site map so the whole system's sitemap is covered from the sitemap index.
Question: Pligg & Wordpress
Answer: provided by jhawkin 119 days ago
- 1 + I've actually setup that exactly early on. Install the WordPress first.

Create the other two subdirectories. Install the Pligg and I used phpBB for the forum. But there's a good forum plugin for WordPress called BBPress. I use that for forums now.

You just go to the installers in their subdirectory to setup them up.

The only problem I had was getting Pligg to act as mainpage/app without clobbering WordPress. That was done with the htaccess but everything else was straight forward.
Question: Pligg & Wordpress
Answer: provided by jhawkin 119 days ago
- 0 + For what I think you want (WordPress in root, Pligg in a subdirectory) you probably don't need to worry about htaccess. If you want Pligg to be the 'frontend' of the site though (with Pligg in the subdirectory) then you'll need to run an enhanced htaccess.

WordPress provides it's own htaccess file which I added to in order to cause Pligg to answer as the domain (act as the frontend) with Pligg running in the subdirectory.

If you find you need that after you get WordPress and Pligg running I'll be glad to help you with that.

I used the rewrite generator from to create much of the modified htaccess directives
Question: Pligg & Wordpress
Answer: provided by jhawkin 118 days ago
- 0 + Well, I appreciate the download and all the work you all did to build it and provide that foundation. I believe the download is complete as it almost works and I'm sure once I get some time to work with it I'll get it figured out.

It's setting cookies and acting like it wants to work already. There's just a little problem yet. I'll get it sooner or later.
Question: Pligg & Wordpress
Answer: provided by jhawkin 110 days ago
- 0 + There is a unsupported WordPress Plugin and a Pligg module out there to do this.

I'm running it on one website but haven't got all the bugs out yet.

Some of my sites run several Pligg instances from one database with different table Prefixes. Multi-Pligg!!!

Some of my sites run WordPress and Pligg from one database with different table Prefixes.

Some of my sites run WordPress multisite with domain mapping and Pligg from one database with different table Prefixes.

My big problem is 'I'm not a good php programmer' but I'm always listening for good ideas and solutions.

Re: your other post - Grab that Pligg WordPress module. I think you'll see the code you need right there.

I look forward to hearing more about what you have done Re: your other post!!!
Question: Webmaster forum
Answer: provided by jhawkin 122 days ago
- 1 + It's a good idea. Just be patient. But running a forum isn't easy when people get mad about anything like a vendor or a Pligg issue itself.
Question: Pligg scroll bug
Answer: provided by jhawkin 129 days ago
- 0 + Must be browser specific! Looks fine here with article at top and doesn't automatically scroll down either.
Question: How i make the pages show?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 129 days ago
- 0 + The pages are there if you created them, now you get to play web guru:

Start by finding the full link to your two new pages. I usually find them and visit the new page(s) in a new browser window. You can visit the link(s) from the 'pages' editor.

Figure out which menu you want the link(s) at then add the links, using the URLs you visited, to the template's navigation menu.

I'd add a little comment to point out where the menu was modified and by who just in case someone else ever needs to work on it.

The places I usually add menu buttons/links at is within either the header, footer, and/or sidebar templates. You can reach those via the template editor from the admin panel.

If you'll pay close attention to the LI, span and closing tags then you'll find the css will make it all look right and you can set spacing there, too, if the menu gets crowded.

I just did this over the weekend at