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Question: Can put a limit attempt for "password reset", like login process?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 90 days ago
- -1 + Sounds like someone (a hacker or hacker wanna be?) trying to access your site surreptitiously.

Go into your system logs and find their IP address and block them via htacess!
Question: Facelook theme disables links
Answer: provided by jhawkin 95 days ago
- 2 + When you said Wistie I figured you were probably running 1.2.2 which wasn't written with the 'bootstrap' themes in mind!!

I can't remember which one Godaddy uses but Softalicious and/or Fantastico doesn't seem to know about the 2.0.x versions!!! So it's not Godaddy's fault either.

But sounds like you got it fixed now!!!
Question: *** URGENT. NEED answers about the functionality of Groups
Answer: provided by jhawkin 100 days ago
- 2 + Either the site owner/admin or the group creator should be allowed to delete groups. Else, you might wind up with orphaned groups if the creator goes away.

Some further processing might allow the site admin to act as creator should the creator leave (or be removed from) the site. This would allow the creator autonomy as long as they are registered with the site but allow the site owner to delete or change the group if it was ever orphaned!

And the site owner should always be able to remove a problematic group.
Question: how to increase homepage posts ?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 107 days ago
- 0 + One of my sites runs 50 per page. I looked at a CDN but realized the external content takes most of the loading time.
Question: seo 2 problem
Answer: provided by jhawkin 110 days ago
- 0 + from the configuration - SEO Page......

Note: You must rename htaccess.default to .htaccess AND add code found at the bottom of the Admin > Manage > Categories page to the .htaccess file
Question: seo 2 problem
Answer: provided by jhawkin 109 days ago
- 0 + Well the returned htaccess codes are supposed to fix the urls and such via Apache's htaccess rewrites so the seo friendly urls will work.

I don't run seo urls but I had tried it once just to see the changes. It did seem to work but I chose a different route which precluded seo at the time and I never re-instituted them.

Maybe you should try a refresh on that configuration page after you set it up.
Question: why my rss feed does not work?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 111 days ago
- 2 + It's working but.... you have something in the title (Line 4) that renders like this Veröffentlichte News and looks like this Veröffentlichte News which your browser or feed reader can't figure out. Mine couldn't either but did show me the problem and the feed source.

It's most likely in the language file and involves your preferred language choice. My suggestion would be to rename this to Published News temporarily.... check to see if it then works.... and figure out what to do then.

It looks like you need to change the default language to De from the default English also. (Under Admin - Config - Misc.).
Question: why my rss feed does not work?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 111 days ago
- 0 + Well Pligg fixed it in the above example text but it's a html entity in the title line which comes from the published news menu title.
Question: user to removed from spam
Answer: provided by jhawkin 114 days ago
- 1 + I've done that - to myself. It can be a mess to fix. Just take your time and follow the directions given in the other two posts.

Or, if your familiar with the database, you can go into the database via phpMyAdmin and fix it there. I'd recommend going in there and looking around first. Then fix the problem from Pligg (as outlined in the other posts) and go back to see the changes to the database. You'll learn a lot that way.

Of course locking out the only admin as I did is much more fun, Hee Hee.
Question: Random votes...
Answer: provided by jhawkin 116 days ago
- 0 + If your content is good and you promote the site well, the users will show up and votes will happen.

Content is King!