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Question: Module to allow publishing of stories (body) with images?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 124 days ago
- 0 + Someone else asked if anyone could install the CK Editor into Pligg. You might take a look at that or Tiny MCE. I'm sure it's either something that could be done or has already been done with Tiny MCE. I think there was a thread somewhere on the old forum. That might get you there. Google 'Pligg Tiny MCE' and here's a link to the CK Editor post but I don't see any replies there.
Question: Image posting rules? Is it legal to grab images from an article or site and add to my post?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 124 days ago
- 0 + You should be somewhat careful with images. They are protected by copyright and sometimes the images are from a stock photo library which requires payment to re-use their image.

That said, most sources don't mind some use of a smaller image or a screen shot of their website to illustrate their snippet of content appearing on your site. They get a good link back to their website in exchange for the post.

I've been in this game for quite a while and have only received one complaint in all those years and that was not even my website.

The person complaining had no concept of 'fair use', didn't understand the idea that a photographer has a certain right to use his own works and didn't even realize my website had nothing to do with the image in question which was on another website.

They were upset about protecting their Trademark but didn't even know how to find the right website and owner, complain to them, and how to send a cease and desist order if necessary.

Anyway, run this by good legal counsel but..... I don't sweat it.

Do give credit where credit is due when you can. Use thumbnail or small images and don't allow much more than a short 'blurb' in your post form.

If you allow anyone to post then you might also look at running the story moderation module. A quick look at each post is all you need from the admin panel and the referring link is there so you can look at the article.

If in doubt 'leave it out'!
Question: Is it possible to embed pligg into wordpress pages
Answer: provided by jhawkin 125 days ago
- 1 + I've thought of a similar idea myself (Pligg content using WordPress as a container) involving a second instance of Pligg where the only output is the content that appears in Pligg's main left column for the various pages.

You can run two instances of Pligg that talk to the same database without any problems that I've run across. One of those would be Pligg with all it's 'bells and whistles' while the other would be the modified Pligg that only deals with the left column content.

In your case you want to use the Groups feature. My only thoughts on Pligg Groups and WordPress is.... you might want to look at running Buddy Press on WordPress and maybe develop a plugin or module that makes Pligg Groups and BuddyPress work hand in hand.

You'd probably need The Pligg WordPress User Bridge to sync user logins. The User Bridge is an unsupported module but does work. They use it on this page.

As to displaying Pligg content inside WordPress you might look at this WordPress Plugin
Question: Is it possible to embed pligg into wordpress pages
Answer: provided by jhawkin 124 days ago
- 0 + Well, I'd probably run with the WordPress module I suggested and excise the left column content I wanted into the WordPress Pages using the stripped down Pligg instance as I mentioned earlier.

The Buddy Press / Pligg Groups lashup was just a further suggestion.
Question: Is it possible to embed pligg into wordpress pages
Answer: provided by jhawkin 124 days ago
- 0 + I'm reading what you're saying but I'm under the impression that you want WordPress to render the header, probably the navigation, any sidebar content you do want and the footer. And you want the actual individual page content from Pligg to show in WordPress' content area. Right?

You really don't want the WordPress header, sidebar, and footer inside of Pligg's content do you???

Pligg's default templates place the actual page content in the left hand column. A majority of WordPress themes also place their main content in the left hand column also.

The WordPress module I provided a link to provides a way to run PHP in a page or post in that page or post's content area. This should give you a starting point for what you want.

I'd try it myself but I'm pretty sure it will work unless there's some issue like having the Pligg outside of the calling website's reach and I know once I get started on that I'll not be able to stop until it is perfect enough for production.

I have way too much work to get to this week to even think about unless I find I need for this on my or one of my clients sites.

Now, if you'd be happy with just a widget somewhere in your WordPress site (sidebar or content area) I will recommend this which I have used inside Pligg and WordPress. This turns any RSS Feed from any site that generates RSS into a viewable widget. Pligg generates a decent RSS Feed and that widget is configurable. You might give that consideration! Link below.
Question: Error Log in pligg site
Answer: provided by jhawkin 128 days ago
- 0 + Looks like Akismet is causing your problems. Why not disable Akismet for a bit and see if the problem goes away?

Also, check that the Akismet key is still there (or that you did put the key in already).

BTW: Your ads would probably work a little better placed 'above the fold' and in the sidebar.
Question: Need a new status for newly submitted link
Answer: provided by jhawkin 133 days ago
- 0 + So this is what he was talking about yesterday in a reply he did to a very old post that touched on the story statuses.

He didn't mention the fact that the submit process wasn't completed there!

Yes, discard is right until the submission is complete then the story is moved to upcoming or published.

If the submission didn't complete then there should have been a error reported to the user or else in the logs.
Question: published link problem
Answer: provided by jhawkin 133 days ago
- 0 + You have 'votes to publish' set to 20 so It takes 20 upvotes to publish. When the user upvotes and the count hits 20 the post gets published. Doesn't matter that the number then goes down. That's a different case.

This is probably the best way to handle this otherwise you could ultimately find no published stories because the user(s) decided to downvote every story he/they saw.

You can always change the status on any story (doesn't matter then how many votes it has) through the admin panel. I have to do this once in a while because a imported (RSS) story just doesn't belong in my published page.
Question: "Message Error 2"
Answer: provided by jhawkin 135 days ago
- 0 + I wonder if maybe the problem with the admin user within this module might have something to do with the change of admin level names from 'god' to 'admin' since the messaging module originated from earlier versions.

That one may have even been part of Mename or the earliest versions of Pligg.
Question: i want used 1.2.2 pligg
Answer: provided by jhawkin 136 days ago
- 0 + Most of my Pligg sites still run 1.2.2 and the Wistie Template.

2.0.2 has a lot of nice features, runs well and looks good out of the box but I'm too busy to update due to all the changes I've made to the underlying code and the template.

So brand new site with no other reason to run 1.2.2? Install 2.0.2 that's where the support is and the new features are going.

Need to run the older stuff because you have templates, mods, features, labor and cash investments in that and customizations? Feel free to run 1.2.2 but don't expect a lot of support anymore. It's orphaned.

The good thing about this is the upgrade path is there and works.