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Question: favicon setting
Answer: provided by jhawkin 102 days ago
- 1 + I'm glad this came up.

I mentioned the meta.tpl because I didn't know Pligg 2.0.x had the code for the relative link to the favicon.

Most web browsers will look at the server root or document root for a favicon.ico file.

Turns out the way Pligg does it doesn't quit fit the W3 specifications either but it works. I'm not sure meta.tpl can change the head tag either.

Anyway, here's the recommended way.
Question: favicon setting
Answer: provided by jhawkin 101 days ago
- 0 + Yeah but.....

The W3 says there needs to be a profile specified within the head tag as their recommended/preferred way. I didn't know this before.

And they also mention in effect 'this is only until they actually do settle on a preferred method'.

So, as Red Green would say, "This only temporary unless it works".
Question: new and published page size
Answer: provided by jhawkin 106 days ago
- 1 + You always want something Pligg doesn't have. Hee Hee And that's probably a good thing! Makes us think and might lead to a good idea.

My first thought would be a cron task to delete the older (than five days) messages. That time/date should be configurable BTW. But that goes against what I actually believe (You never remove good content).

So I'm thinking about it. Maybe a status type change. Current and Older or something like that. Hierarchical with the published unpublished under each. My above 'non-existent' cron task (with configurable time date) could deal with moving the new to older.

You'd then need to deal with displaying the older posts separately while having them come up in search (when needed) and left out where not wanted.

It's a tall order! You'd need to hire a developer for that one.

Or maybe you could do it with a multi-Pligg setup which is two Pliggs using the same database tables for some parts and the cron task I mentioned above moving the older stories to the secondary Pligg.

That might be workable. You'd still need to write that cron task and there's other issues like searching the whole site from main, etc. Since most of the capabilities are already here and working this should actually be fairly easy.

I have a Multi-Pligg running already which shares the same user table with separate stories. But my stories never leave one Pligg for the others. That's where you'll need some custom code like a cron task that runs in PHP.

Just my thoughts and I'm not able to code this for you.
Question: new and published page size
Answer: provided by jhawkin 106 days ago
- 1 + Interesting... wouldn't adding this code break the normal sort feature?

Should a separate sort form be added for full db sort? ie without the changed::

"AND (" . table_comments . ".comment_status='published' AND " . table_comments . ".comment_date > DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL 5 DAY))
Question: Admin a Mandatory Friend? (like Tom on MySpace)
Answer: provided by jhawkin 99 days ago
- 0 + Shouldn't that have been a number without quotation marks???

$AdminId is a number - not the name! Right??
Question: Custom Pages for Catalog
Answer: provided by jhawkin 106 days ago
- 1 + I have two sites that could use this.....

What I did for now on Wild Well Entertainment is create a movie category.

I've been looking for a database for movies and found a few. Php4dvd-2.0 looks promising but from a cursory examination it looks like it doesn't have a RSS output which ruled that out for WildWell for now anyway.

Wild Well also runs WordPress along side Pligg so I've looked there also for a suitable Plugin for that system. There's several and I imagine atleast one has RSS output which would give me what I need.

PhpLD also comes to mind and PhpLD has RSS output from what I'm told.

My idea is to build a user bridge for whatever movie directory I wind up using and using RSS to import the individual items into Pligg. In the case of WordPress the user bridge already exists.

That's all I have but for now Pligg and its categories works for me.
Question: Ipb integration
Answer: provided by jhawkin 108 days ago
- 1 + I have no experience with this module but.....

The documentation I read says that this module adds users from IPB to Pligg when they login to the forum module.

I believe the forum and Pligg must be on the same server or able to see both databases. The module needs your forum database credentials.

Login and registration is now handled by your forum (once you redirect the login/registration forms to IPB).
Question: Ipb integration
Answer: provided by jhawkin 108 days ago
- 0 + What you need is the actual 'forum database user' name and the actual password (without the prefix) while the database name may need the prefix.

There may be a database connection php file in IPB that has that info for you as that's the way MySQL connections are done with PHP. And maybe it's in the IPB admin panel somewhere.
Question: Removal Pligg promo "Pligg is an open source content management system ..."
Answer: provided by jhawkin 109 days ago
- 0 + I don't have a copy of 2.0.2 here but......

2.0.2 should be fairly close to 2.0.1 so.......

That text should be in this part of the Language file 'PLIGG_Visual_What_Is_Pligg_Text' and is being called by the meta template file as the site description. This is a Pligg standard from at least version 1.2.2.

There's not a lot of documentation on the meta template file but if you're serious about SEO, Some scripts, Geo Tags, Quantcast code, and customizing the meta tags this file is your friend!!!!

This file can also handle conditional calls for different meta tags and all the goodies you need to place ahead of the body tag. You'll see a conditional call used for the description meta and that's a great hint on how to do conditional calls in that file to meet your sites needs.

Hope this helps.

BTW: Don't give up on Pligg. It's a powerful 'Digg like' CMS and is super configurable once you figure out a few things. There's some great people helping out in the support area.

As far as giving Pligg a link or credit or whatever, You do what you wish there (unless I missed something in the GPL).

I have changed my Pligg around quite a bit yet you'll find a link to Pligg on each site. That was my decision as Pligg is an important part of my business.
Question: Removal Pligg promo "Pligg is an open source content management system ..."
Answer: provided by jhawkin 109 days ago
- 0 + Oh, you're seeing that on Facebook. There is a 'persistence thing' that happens on Facebook when you share a previously shared link there.

If you'll overwrite that text once through Facebook's sharing input box editor it should then be okay. Or else it will hopefully pickup the new description text.

BTW: the meta file is also the place to put relative links to site images you'll want Facebook to use.