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Question: How to rename the '/admin' url, mainly for security purposes?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 164 days ago
- 0 + There's three ways to find out if your database will accept outside connections.

One is when you setup the database were you offered that choice? And did you accept it?

Two is to ask your ISP and three is to just try it. Your ISP probably prefers their database only connects to their service.

Do a complete backup. Copy all the sites files to a different server or even use a sub-domain pointed at a different directory. Don't run install! Just try it!

When you copy the files the file that calls the database gets copied with them. It either works or it doesn't. It will probably work fine from a sub - directory but the files will need some tweaks.

Don't touch configuration to tweak the second site until you have a strong grip on this and understand multi-Pligg and the effects of tweaking settings. This ain't easy.

Once you have it working go back to the main or first install and start removing/renamin admin files etc.

Backups are super important here when doing multi-Pligg which is what you're doing.

This is all the assistance I'll be able to offer you on this. The rest is up to you.

There is some muli-Pligg info if you'll Google that.
Question: how to connect old database with new pligg 2.0.2 installation
Answer: provided by jhawkin 166 days ago
- 0 + What version were you running and why didn't you just do a full backup then an upgrade?
Question: "submit" a page with no new story appears
Answer: provided by jhawkin 168 days ago
- 0 + Yeah, it didn't work at all for me. I'm wondering about the Google ad stealing the focus from the submit.

Can someone explain to me how sites that don't work yet can already have Google ads running there?

Here at my shop the rules are:

1. Buy a decent domain

2. build site

3. test

4. add content

5. add content

6. add content

7. add content

8. add content

9. ads and analytics but add more content first

10. review the rules from the start after adding more content

Otherwise you're building a billboard in the middle of a desert 20 miles from the road.
Question: "submit" a page with no new story appears
Answer: provided by jhawkin 168 days ago
- 0 + And what is all that 'detritus' in the middle of your navigation bar and how did the crap list in the sidebar get there? There isn't any html tags for formatting or even telling a web browser where or how this should be presented.

You can't just open up a file, type what you wish in there, and save it expecting that to work!!!!

I'd say redo from start or hire a developer to redo from start.
Question: Hi how i change any font
Answer: provided by jhawkin 169 days ago
- 0 + Did you look in your template's CSS files?
Question: favicon setting
Answer: provided by jhawkin 169 days ago
- 0 + Try the meta.tpl file! I think that's right since it needs to be in the http head (not the header itself)!!!
Question: favicon setting
Answer: provided by jhawkin 169 days ago
- 1 + I'm glad this came up.

I mentioned the meta.tpl because I didn't know Pligg 2.0.x had the code for the relative link to the favicon.

Most web browsers will look at the server root or document root for a favicon.ico file.

Turns out the way Pligg does it doesn't quit fit the W3 specifications either but it works. I'm not sure meta.tpl can change the head tag either.

Anyway, here's the recommended way.
Question: favicon setting
Answer: provided by jhawkin 168 days ago
- 0 + Yeah but.....

The W3 says there needs to be a profile specified within the head tag as their recommended/preferred way. I didn't know this before.

And they also mention in effect 'this is only until they actually do settle on a preferred method'.

So, as Red Green would say, "This only temporary unless it works".
Question: new and published page size
Answer: provided by jhawkin 173 days ago
- 1 + You always want something Pligg doesn't have. Hee Hee And that's probably a good thing! Makes us think and might lead to a good idea.

My first thought would be a cron task to delete the older (than five days) messages. That time/date should be configurable BTW. But that goes against what I actually believe (You never remove good content).

So I'm thinking about it. Maybe a status type change. Current and Older or something like that. Hierarchical with the published unpublished under each. My above 'non-existent' cron task (with configurable time date) could deal with moving the new to older.

You'd then need to deal with displaying the older posts separately while having them come up in search (when needed) and left out where not wanted.

It's a tall order! You'd need to hire a developer for that one.

Or maybe you could do it with a multi-Pligg setup which is two Pliggs using the same database tables for some parts and the cron task I mentioned above moving the older stories to the secondary Pligg.

That might be workable. You'd still need to write that cron task and there's other issues like searching the whole site from main, etc. Since most of the capabilities are already here and working this should actually be fairly easy.

I have a Multi-Pligg running already which shares the same user table with separate stories. But my stories never leave one Pligg for the others. That's where you'll need some custom code like a cron task that runs in PHP.

Just my thoughts and I'm not able to code this for you.
Question: new and published page size
Answer: provided by jhawkin 173 days ago
- 1 + Interesting... wouldn't adding this code break the normal sort feature?

Should a separate sort form be added for full db sort? ie without the changed::

"AND (" . table_comments . ".comment_status='published' AND " . table_comments . ".comment_date > DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL 5 DAY))