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Question: why my rss feed does not work?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 63 days ago
- 2 + It's working but.... you have something in the title (Line 4) that renders like this Veröffentlichte News and looks like this Veröffentlichte News which your browser or feed reader can't figure out. Mine couldn't either but did show me the problem and the feed source.

It's most likely in the language file and involves your preferred language choice. My suggestion would be to rename this to Published News temporarily.... check to see if it then works.... and figure out what to do then.

It looks like you need to change the default language to De from the default English also. (Under Admin - Config - Misc.).
Question: why my rss feed does not work?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 63 days ago
- 0 + Well Pligg fixed it in the above example text but it's a html entity in the title line which comes from the published news menu title.
Question: user to removed from spam
Answer: provided by jhawkin 66 days ago
- 1 + I've done that - to myself. It can be a mess to fix. Just take your time and follow the directions given in the other two posts.

Or, if your familiar with the database, you can go into the database via phpMyAdmin and fix it there. I'd recommend going in there and looking around first. Then fix the problem from Pligg (as outlined in the other posts) and go back to see the changes to the database. You'll learn a lot that way.

Of course locking out the only admin as I did is much more fun, Hee Hee.
Question: Random votes...
Answer: provided by jhawkin 68 days ago
- 0 + If your content is good and you promote the site well, the users will show up and votes will happen.

Content is King!
Question: Is there any way to change the home page screen
Answer: provided by jhawkin 70 days ago
- 0 + You might set the 'votes needed to publish' to 1(one) which will make any submission go to 'published' if you have the submissions set to automatically have the submitter counted as the first vote.

The anonymous module allows anyone to do whatever you decide to allow which might not be the best answer.
Question: Forum recommendation
Answer: provided by jhawkin 70 days ago
- 0 + What you are seeing here is Pligg's core function. This isn't anything special added except possibly a few tweaks to enhance the look and feel.

If you want Pligg to act one way publicly and be a 'forum' also with a different look and feel or configuration then I'd suggest running two instances of Pligg.

You can also run WordPress and Pligg and run a forum from there. Or attach any forum you want to Pligg. The problems you might run into are bridging logins between the dissimilar cms or forum apps. There is a WordPress/Pligg bridge available but I've never had time to get it running yet,

An example of Pligg running several Pligg instances (the four Pligg instances all share one user table) and a WordPress Blog can be found here
Question: Forum recommendation
Answer: provided by jhawkin 70 days ago
- 0 + You might also build a WordPress/Pligg hybrid site like this slightly different approach to the same need.
Question: multiple website problem
Question: Contact Form
Answer: provided by jhawkin 78 days ago
- 1 + What's so strange about that? I hate contact forms.

But you can go to manage - pages and create a new page and paste whatever form you need in there. You'll need something to parse the form's output and then email that to you.

Since I'm running a business, I just put an email address, office phone number, etc. in the footer.
Question: *URGENT* Need feedback to proceed fixing the issues
Answer: provided by jhawkin 82 days ago
- 1 + I'll take a stab at this one!

If someone is following you then they have indicated a wish to 'see and/or hear' from you so you should be able to message them!

But.... just because someone is following you doesn't mean they should be able to message you!

And... the above should be configurable!

1. Ignore messages from followers.

2. Alert if a follower messages you. (allow or Deny on a individual basis).

3. Allow any follower to message you.

4. Allow all messages!!

5. Actually follow this follower!

I'd go that route (the first two) with or without the configuration option.

And thank you for all the work you've done and for helping me with several issues. You Really Rock!!!!!!!!!!