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Question: How can we add ads in pligg.
Answer: provided by jhawkin 20 days ago
- 0 + Depending on the site, I run mine in my sidebar, header and/or footer template files.

Just remember the {literal},{/literal} pairs if it's Javascript or doesn't work properly. And you might need CSS to help position them properly.
Question: user profile & outgoing error
Answer: provided by jhawkin 21 days ago
- 0 + You're problems are probably caused by your htaccess file. Rename it and turn off SEO friendly URLs.

SEO friendly URLs require htaccess to be configured properly and htaccess and httpd.conf are sometimes at odds with each other and the structure of your website.

And SEO friendly URLs are not magic. They help in the serps but good content should be your first priority. The rest will fall into place over time. SEO friendly URLs help but your titles, tags and

content can save the day.
Question: Captcha is not checked on Anonymous Posting
Answer: provided by jhawkin 23 days ago
- 0 + I don't advise running anonymous posts and comments. The Pacific Rim and Ex Eastern Block spammers run sophisticated web crawlers that target Pligg and WordPress websites. They are looking for places to post spam and links.

That spam will lower your ranking in the search engines!! To the point that you'll wind up dead last in the SERPs.

And Anonymous voting isn't usually a good idea either.

If you absolutely must do this then run the Akismet and Story Moderation modules. These will help keep the detritus off your website.

With Story Moderation and Akismet you'll want to be diligent in watching the stories, comments and posts. And you'll find a bunch of posts in your discard where the same person posts a dozen or more posts but never completes them. That person may be looking for places to insert hacks. It my be a newbie trying to learn the system and it might be a user on a slow, faulty connection (dial up maybe).

But you'll need to watch it carefully. Else the discard and moderated stories can grow larger than your good content. That could really slow down your database overtime and lower the responsiveness of your site.

In a perfect world Anonymous Modes would be great but in our world it's a hazard to be avoided!!!!
Question: Avoid pligg showing value of $_my_pligg_base from settings in URL
Answer: provided by jhawkin 23 days ago
- 0 + On GoDaddy I think all accounts treat the first domain as root and the rest are Addon Domains that are pointed to subdirectories. Since you have the site in the sample (???) directory you get the directory name in the URL.

What I'd do is move my first Pligg or website to the web root.

BTW: This 'feature' lets you add on other domains/sites if you ever want to and save you a few dollars on future hosting. If you never add on a second domain then it's just standard hosting. But the add on ability gives you future expansion. This is exactly the way my sites and my client sites are setup on my own servers or on the externals.

Bluehost most likely either treated all domains as addons or hid this mechanism from the user.

The other option is to use a 301 redirect and canonize the domain via Apache. I don't recommend this unless you have good reason to do so.

BTW: Addon Domains and Multisite setups have some drawbacks any user should read up on before they go those routes. I like them but they do get in the way at times.
Question: Cannot log into Pligg site.
Answer: provided by jhawkin 27 days ago
- 0 + Seems to work fine for me as a normal user so........

There's something wrong on the admin side. See anything different in the URL bar between the regular user account and your admin account?

Hint open 2nd browser window and switch between?

I'm thinking either the 'www' or the path right now.

And .... if you know how to edit a user via phpmyadmin you might try making a new user then promote that user to admin and see if you can get in then. I'm thinking it will do the same thing.
Question: Cannot log into Pligg site.
Answer: provided by jhawkin 27 days ago
- 0 + Glad you got it!

You might want to kill off that old admin (the one that doesn't work) by demoting it to a normal user. And see if you can even use it then.

I'm wondering why that didn't work and if it might work or not as a user might tell us something useful!
Question: Social bookmarking plug-in is not sharing link to Pligg website!
Answer: provided by jhawkin 28 days ago
- 0 + Admin ---> Config ---> Story

Set 'use story title as link to external article' (or however it's worded) to False. This will force a click on the title to the article on your site.

But what I've done is set both 'use story title as link to external article' and 'Open Story Link In New Window' to True. This keeps more users on your site when they close the browser containing the followed link.

We are 'bookmarking' which infers we show a little about the article and point to (bookmark to) the original source.

BTW: If we copied the whole article to our site we'd be plagiarizing the original article instead of bookmarking. A very important distinction.

Of course if the article exists originally within your website (your blog, FAQs, pages, etc.) then the 'bookmark' references that location on your site anyway.
Question: pligg 2.0.0 and pligg 2.0.2 do not work
Answer: provided by jhawkin 27 days ago
- 0 + For some reason I think I've had to clear mine on a couple sites when they didn't clear themselves. Back in the earlier days and caused by the 'Newbie to Pligg' errors I caused myself most likely.

I also had the one server here (the one running ZPanel) crash after it ran out of room when it forgot to clear itself. I cleared those logs first just to get enough turn around room to get the machine backup then get into the ZPanel to fix the error logs.

Not that Pligg in anyway caused the server problem. I just knew that was a darn good place to find some space and it was enough! Thought maybe this might help someone else down the road.

My Pliggs pretty much run themselves with no hitch now.
Question: I want to use Pligg as a collaborative blogging platform
Answer: provided by jhawkin 30 days ago
- 0 + I've built a hybrid of Pligg and WordPress on several websites and there is a login module (I haven't had time to get it working but it works here at

The only users who need to see the WP dash board are admins the rest are just users unless they are given admin privileges.

I use Pligg as the front end, Use Pligg's excellent RSS/Atom capabilities to pull in articles from my own and other blogs and can allow user submissions also.

Here's a link to a working Hybrid I built
Question: I want to use Pligg as a collaborative blogging platform
Answer: provided by jhawkin 30 days ago
- 1 + Oh, yeah, WordPress has the options to multisite itself and can pretty much give you what you need for multiple bloggers and multiple Blogs.

The Pligg ties it all together so very well.