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Question: how to change pligg templets ?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 117 days ago
- 0 + You'll need to download the template first.

Pligg's template change/update doesn't work like WordPress' template system. You don't browse new templates and there's no demo of your site with the new template.

You just find a template you like, purchase or download the template, upload to your site and install using the admin menu.

Easy enough.
Question: Preview Not Working
Answer: provided by jhawkin 123 days ago
- 1 + Works fine for me but if you're referring to the 'step 3' submit preview then that isn't even working (probably not turned on in configuration).
Question: share idea with support team and other programmers
Answer: provided by jhawkin 124 days ago
- 0 + Most of the development energy in the other CMSs you mentioned happened outside of the core files of each of those CMS. Security, themes and plugins fuel most of their core changes as those items 'suggest' improvements.

The biggest short fall right now is documentation that digs deeper into Pligg's core than the Pligg support staff should even officially venture.

Here's an area that's just ripe for the picking if you have some technical expertise, can write well and/or collaborate with someone else who can. It's been something I've been wanting to do myself but between my web hosting venture, working a regular job and this 'content aggregation sites' idea I've been working on for the last two years I just haven't had the time.

It would really be sweet if Pligg should ever grow a documentation system comparable to WordPress' Codex.
Question: karma not change
Answer: provided by jhawkin 125 days ago
- 0 + The other user who upvoted may have actually liked the post and 'bothered' to 'like' the post to let the community know.

It's not really fair to penalize a user for liking some post that gets deleted later.

And removing Karma from a user who did nothing but participate in your community might discourage that user from being active any further or even coming back. Active users are precious commodities. Don't discourage them.... embrace them!!!!

Also, sooner or later any given post will most likely become redundant or broken due to the outside links/images being deleted. A few complaints from other users, down votes, or a 404 might prompt you to delete the post at that time.

You shouldn't remove karma from a user who liked the post when it was a viable, useful post!
Question: karma not change
Answer: provided by jhawkin 125 days ago
- 0 + And yes, your English is bad!!! Hee Hee

Mine is pretty bad also...... It's all good!

Don't let that stop you from asking for help!
Question: OxyThemes Website Down?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 127 days ago
- 0 + How do you know it's a OxyTheme problem? Can you get into admin?

Change back to default theme and check it.

Got a URL?
Question: Pligg with error to make installation
Answer: provided by jhawkin 132 days ago
- 0 + Where did you get the download file?

Try grabbing a brand new copy from here - this website.

Or use a one button installer provided by your ISP!

I'm starting to think there is a bogus or broken copy showing up somehow / somewhere.
Question: Pligg with error to make installation
Answer: provided by jhawkin 131 days ago
- 0 + I was wondering if you might have received the download second sourced. If the files came from here then they should work.

So, upload the files to your server, run the troubleshooter, attend to any issues, get you database info ready...... then install! It should run just fine after the install finishes.

And one more thing!

A bunch of people over the years have devoted countless hours creating, building, and improving Pligg. We, the users and supporters, can attest that this CMS does what it does well.

Pligg may or may not suit you and your purposes. If you don't like it as is, you might still find Pligg makes an excellent platform for further development into what you want.

But you're not going to get much in the way of help from anyone if you are just going to spout off such as the above remarks (which I won't repeat) and when you talk about someone at least spell their names out correctly and honor them with the proper capitalization of their names.
Question: error when auto importing RSS
Answer: provided by jhawkin 137 days ago
- 1 + I think import.php needs to run from the root directory of the pligg installation. So if Pligg is installed in root then move import.php to root else move import.php to the directory you actually installed Pligg in.

That's how I had to do it.

The only reason import.php appears in the module's directory is that import.php comes with the RSS import module. I think the read me or else the text in the file itself mentions that. Maybe not.

Try it and I think it will work.

BTW: the 'import all feeds' from the module's admin panel doesn't use import.php. That file exists for cron tasks and the command line!
Question: error when auto importing RSS
Answer: provided by jhawkin 136 days ago
- 1 + the magpie RSS parser is a little more fussy than most feed readers and is choking on one of the feeds. You'll see a line drawn right after the feed name in the results report when using import all feeds. That is the feed that is causing the problem. Crank up the time between feeds to where it skips that feed and run by hand to make sure you know what feed(s) is causing the problem.

When I get that I run the feed through a feed sanitizer and send the resulting url to the importer instead of the original feed URL.

Happens to me so much I'm considering building my own feed sanitizer site!