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Question: Bookmarklet ----> Got 403 error
Answer: provided by jhawkin 310 days ago
- 0 + I kinda wonder what file permissions are set for submit.php and the directory itself.

I'll also refer you to this forum entry but I really don't think this has anything to do with the problem you are seeing.
Question: How can I create 'Question Answer' website using Pligg?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 344 days ago
- 0 + Not sure what template they used to start but I'm figuring this is a very custom theme as most themes should be after several months of use. The mechanism to do Q and A is here already built into Pligg via the story submission comment system.

There is a FAQ module also available but that leans more to a static previously asked questions and answers format.
Question: Negative Vote Discards Stories
Answer: provided by jhawkin 344 days ago
- 0 + I'm looking at a 1.2.2 but, Is it 'Buries to Mark as Spam' or 'Discard feature' set in you're latest version? I'm not familiar with any 'discard feature' or settings.

There's also the 'Votes to Publish' in the stories config. I imagine if you set that to 'O' then it might keep all stories published. If the count goes below threshold I'd think the story would go to 'New', 'unpublished', or Whatever you might call it..

Are you really seeing them go to discard? Or is it unpublished?
Question: Integration with PHPFox
Answer: provided by jhawkin 347 days ago
- 1 + As far as I know there's no 'Bridge' module for that but you might talk a developer into creating one, hire a programmer or DIY. Pligg has been successfully bridged to other Pliggs, WordPress, and several Bulletin Boards.

You might also checkout Joomla with Jfusion which can bridge logins for several programs to itself thereby bridging those programs to each other. It's a Kludge but might get you there.
Question: Spam filter did not work?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 350 days ago
- 1 + sfs antispam helps. And IP blocking with htaccess helps. Story Moderation is also a good idea. And setting links to 'No Follow' will keep some spammers from abusing your site once they realize they aren't getting any benefit from your site in the Search Engines.
Question: Unable to run on other port
Answer: provided by jhawkin 347 days ago
- 1 + I'm wondering if the problem is that the SQL Server is answering to port 80 and Pligg (Apache) is looking for the answer on :8080?

That would possibly cause that but you posts wouldn't show up either.
Question: Unable to run on other port
Answer: provided by jhawkin 345 days ago
- 0 + Thinking further, SQL servers use a port to listen on but not sure which port they talk to. There's something here to look into but I'm not running any servers I can switch right now.
Question: How to turn Off the RSS feeds feature completely?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 361 days ago
- 0 + Speaking as a Content Aggregator I can't imagine why you would want to do this! Outbound RSS gives your visitors another way to visit and read your website. Inbound RSS can provide you site with new sources of fresh content provided by other websites who are authorities in their area of expertise.

There are several services (FeedBurner for one) that will accept your well formed RSS and provide it back out to others. They will somewhat promote your feed themselves and through Google. You might also offer your RSS feeds through the outside service to others where you'll then gain more demographics and statistics to help you track and promote your activities.

If you have other sites or other systems acting as parts of your site, RSS can help you integrate content from one area to another (think of running Pligg with a WordPress Blog that feeds it's content into your Pligg).

If you're fearful that some other site might be 'stealing your thunder' by pulling a feed, you can find those sites by checking your server logs and visiting the site in question. You can then help them configure their system to pull in a manner that promotes your site, ask them to provide you a account where you can adjust the posts yourself, ask them to 'cease and desist', IP block their webserver from your site and/or send them (and their upstream provider) a DMCA notice.

If you look around you'll notice most all the major websites provide RSS Feeds. There's a reason for that. The see it as a service to their users and a fantastic way to build traffic from the link backs garnered from allowing syndication.

Unless you have a really well thought out reason to not provide RSS or to limit RSS I'd advise you to leave this great feature installed.
Question: I am getting error "NO DICE"
Answer: provided by jhawkin 393 days ago
- 0 + I run Pligg on a Godaddy account and am running addon domains even. So yeah Godaddy runs Pligg.
Question: my site is redirecting
Answer: provided by jhawkin 372 days ago
- 0 + Just a suggestion. I think the problem maybe in htaccess since I can get to admin via the directory but tack on a file name and it adds the second www. Look for a faulty "rewrite" line.