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Question: Problem Not Solved ! Help me please
Answer: provided by jhawkin 293 days ago
- 0 + So, you upgraded to 2.0.x???

Did you try killing htaccess like I suggested first?

I really think there is a htaccess file problem or else Hostgator has their server configured to do what htaccess normally does which would cause your problem with the double 'www.' rename.

The site itself is answering fine as Just can't get to the admin page until htaccess gets fixed or disabled.

One more thing might be to check config for the URL. try deleting the www. off that!!!
Question: Problem Not Solved ! Help me please
Answer: provided by jhawkin 292 days ago
- 0 + I looked again. Do you have an htaccess file in the admin directory? Something is renaming the files there.

If not you're gonna need to involve your host's support staff to help.
Question: This www. repeated. why
Answer: provided by jhawkin 294 days ago
- 0 + I tried the raw admin address with your domain. Looks like your htaccess file is all messed up since I got a Redirect then the 404 error. Kill htaccess to get to admin. Check config just to be sure then fix htaccess if that is what is really wrong.
Question: This www. repeated. why
Answer: provided by jhawkin 294 days ago
- 0 + He's running 1.2.2. Same as me. Saw the double slashes too in the html so config is probably a little messed up..

Note: I'm running 1.2.2 because my business model dictates all my sites should be running the same software and I haven't had time to convert/upgrade yet. There is good reasons to upgrade, I just can't devote that much time yet to the multiple upgrades I'd need to do over a bunch of sites.
Question: Admin from LocalHost Only
Answer: provided by jhawkin 302 days ago
- 0 + My best guess is you have something wrong in your htaccess file. Most likely a rewrite rule. You can temporarily rename htaccess to htaccess.default to disable it then try the admin to see if that's the problem.
Question: Upload module - does not working. Why
Answer: provided by jhawkin 303 days ago
- 0 + Upload isn't usually that hard to setup. Out of the box, these file types are allowed jpg, jpeg, png, and gif extensions. Notice that does say extensions!!!! Make sure the uploaded file name does include the extension and the extension matches the file type.

I run mine with 'generate thumbnails' turned on.

If you want a thumbnail size that is different from what is offered you'll need to add the size first and refresh the page.

Click on the display at upload check box if you'd like to see the uploaded file (recommended).

Make sure quality is set somewhere between 75 and 100 percent.

Skip over the "Where to embed thumbnail" setting (should default 'tpl_link_summary_pre_story_content').

Then set 'thumbnail size to display' to your preferred size from the pull-down.

The rest of the settings should be default for now. Once you know it works you can add a new file type but you might need to turn off 'generate thumbnails'.

There's an extensive helpful 'list of definitions' for help setting up the fields if you'll cursor down to the lower part of the settings page.

Really, nothing to it.
Question: Bookmarklet ----> Got 403 error
Answer: provided by jhawkin 276 days ago
- 0 + I kinda wonder what file permissions are set for submit.php and the directory itself.

I'll also refer you to this forum entry but I really don't think this has anything to do with the problem you are seeing.
Question: Negative Vote Discards Stories
Answer: provided by jhawkin 310 days ago
- 0 + I'm looking at a 1.2.2 but, Is it 'Buries to Mark as Spam' or 'Discard feature' set in you're latest version? I'm not familiar with any 'discard feature' or settings.

There's also the 'Votes to Publish' in the stories config. I imagine if you set that to 'O' then it might keep all stories published. If the count goes below threshold I'd think the story would go to 'New', 'unpublished', or Whatever you might call it..

Are you really seeing them go to discard? Or is it unpublished?
Question: How can I create 'Question Answer' website using Pligg?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 310 days ago
- 0 + Not sure what template they used to start but I'm figuring this is a very custom theme as most themes should be after several months of use. The mechanism to do Q and A is here already built into Pligg via the story submission comment system.

There is a FAQ module also available but that leans more to a static previously asked questions and answers format.
Question: Integration with PHPFox
Answer: provided by jhawkin 313 days ago
- 1 + As far as I know there's no 'Bridge' module for that but you might talk a developer into creating one, hire a programmer or DIY. Pligg has been successfully bridged to other Pliggs, WordPress, and several Bulletin Boards.

You might also checkout Joomla with Jfusion which can bridge logins for several programs to itself thereby bridging those programs to each other. It's a Kludge but might get you there.