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Question: how to set pages
Answer: provided by jhawkin 227 days ago
- 0 + Pligg mostly runs from its index.php file and has a certain way that it displays itself per the built in design features. Some design elements are controlled via templates.

If you add a page there will be a url to get to that page but.... it won't show in the Navigation menus unless you edit the main menu itself. Or add the page link where you want it!

The main navigation menu is in the header.tpl file in most templates I've seen.

You could force the new page to load first by modifying Pligg via Index.php or htaccess but that's not easy and can cause the rest of Pligg to malfunction if not done with much forethought.
Question: How to change URL_new or /new
Answer: provided by jhawkin 233 days ago
- -1 + I think you're confusing a variable called $URL_new (that variable passes or incorporates the url contained into the rendered page) with what you wish to accomplish which would be a URL rewrite in htaccess!

This is what I think you want in htaccess:

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^new/(.*) latest/$1
Question: Can you do something about this ANONYMOUS SCHMUCK ???
Answer: provided by jhawkin 235 days ago
- 0 + Yeah, that module doesn't need to be 'on' for this site!

That module needs a little attention, too!

Daily limits on anonymous up/down votes via IP.

Permanent blocking of abusers by IP to use the anonymous user.

And maybe total blocking via htaccess though a savvy webmaster should be able to do that himself not everyone feels comfortable or even able to work with in htaccess or httpd.conf!
Question: Story Moderation
Answer: provided by jhawkin 236 days ago
Question: Auto generate tags
Answer: provided by jhawkin 249 days ago
- -1 + tags and tagging kind of says 'human participation' in some way.

Auto tagging would require some way for the machine to understand what a human might find interesting. And that might be the trending topics but possibly yesterdays or even tomorrows trending topics...... and one guy just wants a 'cheeseburger'! How do you arrive at that?
Question: Auto generate tags
Answer: provided by jhawkin 249 days ago
- -1 + Some further thoughts on tagging - autotagging:

Any posts imported by the RSS module has tags added. I'm thinking Magpie does that.... they are fairly accurate. Maybe that code would be a good place to start looking.

Maybe a 'suggest a tag' module might be a better option.

The length of the tags set is limited in the editor by a setting in the submit section of the configuration. This often trips me up when I edit a RSS imported submission. Not bad enough to warrant a bit of code change right now but I've considered that.
Question: Auto generate tags
Answer: provided by jhawkin 248 days ago
- -1 + I'm just pointing out some considerations and a idea of where a programmer might start looking.

I have no idea on this as I see tagging as a human interaction with Pligg and don't really feel comfortable with having the software develop tags itself.
Question: Auto generate tags
Answer: provided by jhawkin 244 days ago
- -1 + Redwine, that is pretty neat. Can that functionality be extended to the story, title, and tag fields and then added to the current story editor?

Then the selection for multiple tags?

And can it be aware of the total allowed tagline length? Right now if you submit a story (atleast in version 1.2.2) and the tagline is too long submit rejects the whole submission or edit and you have to go back then re-edit the whole thing.
Question: Spam Prevention
Answer: provided by jhawkin 251 days ago
- 0 + You can rename or even delete the register.php file to completely stop registrations but....

You might still want some registrations or you might want to only manually allow registrations which would mean you'll need a form or email address just for registrations. I'll leave that to you.

Some other modules might need the register.php file. The Facebook/twitter login and the 'user bridges' type modules might need it.

Pligg can send a email notice when you create an account manually as the admin.

Here's more on an automatic register.php renaming script. I did play around with this but chose to disallow registrations on some of my sites. I did allow anonymous voting on those.
Question: Spam Prevention
Answer: provided by jhawkin 251 days ago
- -1 + Here's a site running without a working register.php file. I modified the template to only show the normal top login/register form to registered users, then removed the input boxes, and the register link from that.

There is a login option on the menu and the form in the sidebar but if you chose register from the login box you'll get a page with a announcement in it instead of the registration form . Later on I might add a contact form or email address to that. So far that hasn't been a issue!!!