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Question: API for Mobile app development
Answer: provided by jhawkin 276 days ago
- 0 + Well, there is a rudimentary API in Pligg that you might use to build a mobile APP around.

Look under Libs/API.

The API is off by default but instructions on enabling is in the installation text file.

The API may need some tweaking and extending but it's a start.
Question: How can i build a module?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 276 days ago
- 0 + Try this link (actually Pedro's original link but the added text after the link caused Pligg to clobber the link slightly).
Question: Submit without Register
Answer: provided by jhawkin 277 days ago
- 0 + That's what installing the 'Anonymous Mode' and the Anonymous Story modules will give you.
Question: all users and link became spam
Answer: provided by jhawkin 277 days ago
- 0 + Create a brand new user you can login as.

You'll need an email address that your Pligg doesn't have anyone 'registered as' already.

Login/out a couple times to test.

Use Your PHPMyAdmin to set this new user to god (version 1.2.x) or admin (version 2.x) depending on Your Pligg version.

Login and go to user management to fix any users that were set to 'spammer' accidentally. Remember to 'Enable' those users again after resetting their user level.

Go to story management and recover your stories that were set to Spam and/or discarded.
Question: Message Delivery Failure! Pligg V 2.0.1
Answer: provided by jhawkin 277 days ago
- 0 + Are you real sure SMTP Email even works??
Question: Pligg 2.1 shows blank page after submitting story
Answer: provided by jhawkin 279 days ago
- 0 + Let me see.... the page is blank but you see "Welcome to Pligg cms..."? Where are you seeing this??

Cpanel probably has nothing to do with the problem.

When posts go to discard........Sounds like a setting in config. Look at Require a URL set that to false or no or whatever and try it. Also look at the spam trigger related settings. If nothing else reload the whole 'Pligg' App again.

The blank page worries me but I think that is a symtom of the posts going to discard.

How are you getting to admin?? From the Blank Page? Typing in the whole admin URL?
Question: warning: set_time
Answer: provided by jhawkin 281 days ago
- 0 + Why would you close a Pligg Powered site because your host won't support you?

Web Hosts are a dime a dozen. Service is usually the difference. And this one ain't delivering. I'd be switching hosts and demanding a refund.
Question: I have lost my Avatar table. How to fix it?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 285 days ago
- 0 + Unless you have a backup of your avatar directory or they are still available on your site I don't know what to tell you.

If the directory is there then the database should be pointing the users avatar link to that directory and their entry there without a hitch.

Do check the 'Allow User to Uploaded Avatars' is set to true.
Question: Image Uploader
Answer: provided by jhawkin 285 days ago
- 1 + You can set 'Require a URL when Submitting' to False and then set 'show URL input box' to False

And then set 'Minimum Title Length' and 'Minimum Story Length' to 0.

You can also modify the submission form to remove those input boxes if you wish. Why you would want to do so is beyond me.
Question: uploading images problem?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 286 days ago
- 1 + Everything else works??? Error only occurs on uploading files??? Doesn't the table name look suspicious to you? Like the table name is there then added again before the actual name?? Do you see it?


Try to Disable the upload module Delete it and upload it again in binary mode via ftp. Or atleast reload it and reinstall.

I'm just guessing but that's where I'd go next. Don't just uninstall and reinstall Because I suspect a corrupt file. It points at DB.php in the error log but if everything else works then that probably isn't the problem.