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Question: how do I replace the logo "My Site" with my own logo
Answer: provided by jhawkin 84 days ago
- 1 + I don't know anything about rtl languages. I'd think it depends on the template files, css and a function that wouldn't need further changes. Images would still be the same as far as that goes. So header.tpl still carries the logo or images unless I'm missing something.
Question: [ASK] How to Set Email Verification in Pligg
Answer: provided by jhawkin 90 days ago
- 0 + are you saying you set this and it doesn't work?

That could be your server not being able to send email.
Question: Added directive in the .htaccess-file, and now I can't access admin panel.
Answer: provided by jhawkin 91 days ago
- 1 + You might want to rethink this or make sure you're returning '301' redirects and that SE referenced urls are not returning 404s.

Anyway, go back to your earlier, working version of htaccess and get into the admin panel. Copy that url to notepad or something.

Put the newer htaccess back and try for the admin. Copy that url to notepad or something.

Now go here and use this to create the rewrite and put the generated directive ahead of the SEO code you added earlier.

Tweak the htaccess as needed and test everything.
Question: Logout problem in Pligg 2.0.2
Answer: provided by jhawkin 92 days ago
- 0 + Do you think this has anything to do with your previous template issue by any chance?

It's possible!

Usually, this problem hits the other way, where login doesn't seem to happen but does set the login cookie on either www.domain...... or else domain..... (without the 'www').

Playing around with the location setting might fix that.
Question: Is "Heppy" template is competable for pligg version 2.0.1 or 2.0.2?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 92 days ago
- 0 + Vendor issue.

Go back to whatever template you had before if it worked well until you hear from the template author and possibly get this resolved.
Question: Facebook not scraping image of the shared page
Answer: provided by jhawkin 99 days ago
- 0 + I put an image in my header just for that since Facebook always wanted to pickup the first advertiser's image from the sidebar otherwise.

You'll need to add some html to header.tpl (or whatever it's called in your template).
Question: Facebook not scraping image of the shared page
Answer: provided by jhawkin 99 days ago
- 1 + No, my experience was when sharing from any Pligg page to Facebook I'd wind up with an advertiser's image on Facebook so I created a site specific image in the header to stop that problem.

If a user submits an image that may (or may not) appear in the image list within the Facebook form but my header image always appears as one of the images now.
Question: forgotten admin password need to set up newone?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 101 days ago
- 1 + Your site seems to not be working at all. I see a 500 error and a blank screen unless I try your admin login link. There isn't any password recover in the admin login.

And with all the trouble you're having I'm wondering if you might be better off starting over from scratch.

Or switching to a host that offers an auto install!

Or even hiring someone to do this over for you. It's possible your webserver doesn't have the ability to even run Pligg or some issue like that.
Question: Error Log Issue. Plz solve this error
Answer: provided by jhawkin 105 days ago
- 0 + It's a warning message. As long as your site runs okay you probably don't need to worry about it.

Yeah, it would be nice to fix it but.......
Question: Heppy Template problem
Answer: provided by jhawkin 108 days ago
- 0 + Here's what I'd do:

Put a known good template (I suggest the fully supported default template that came with your install) and get everything working the way you want. All the features, bells and whistles!

Then change template to the one you want. Hopefully everything will still work. If it doesn't then find the new template author and solicit his help.