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Question: loosing connection to database
Answer: provided by jhawkin 76 days ago
- 0 + I'm starting to wonder myself here. Just an idea but.......

Try saving the dbconnect file with ftp then setting something and if it doesn't work when you're done restore just the dbconnect file again to see if it works again.

The path is /libs/dbconnect.php from the root pligg directory.

Of course you can just compare the copies looking for any changes
Question: site "crashed"
Answer: provided by jhawkin 78 days ago
- 0 + That's how ya' learn.... break it then figure out how to fix it.

If you have a good, recent backup of the files you can try just uploading them.

If you have a recent backup that includes the database just restore all that if restoring just the files doesn't fix everything (but try just the files first).
Question: Rss Import, Heyoupro and Ebay Partner Network
Answer: provided by jhawkin 79 days ago
- 0 + If you want ads with images via RSS you'll probably be disappointed with Pligg.but depending on your niche and/or business model Pligg might draw a bigger audience.

You're welcome to look around my Wild Well Entertainment site which uses Pligg as a frontend and WordPress for the 'store' which is populated via RSS. This is a work in progress but I think you'll get the idea here.
Question: auto content scraper - facebook videos
Answer: provided by jhawkin 80 days ago
- 0 + Facebook can be tricky with content being removed or privacy settings causing troubles. I just looked at the site. Videos seem to be working for me. I was wondering if maybe the videos in question weren't available anymore or something.

Also, when troubleshooting problems, I often look at the trouble page(s) from several different PCs and browsers. As a webmaster you should never trust one browser. Users are fickle and may not complain, choosing instead to just move on to a website that seems to work well for them.

One more suggestion might be to follow the link or try to load just the video in question.

And I noticed a CDN delivering a lot of your content ( and of course for Facebook. Sometimes CDNs don't play well together.

So my questions to you would be..... Did you try a different PC with a different browser. Did you try looking at just the raw source link to make sure the content was still available? Did you change anything at all on your website. Anything???

And did you update your browser recently? Block a URL somehow (your own home PCs firewall).
Question: Invalid URL or blocked error while submit
Answer: provided by jhawkin 83 days ago
- 0 + Here's a good place to use a URL shortening service. There's plenty of good ones out there.
Question: how do I replace the logo "My Site" with my own logo
Answer: provided by jhawkin 85 days ago
- 1 + You'll need to edit the template header.tpl to insert a image in there. It's not difficult if you're comfortable with html.

You can change the words displayed there from Admin -> modify language -> General -> PLIGG_Visual_Name to whatever you'd like there.

My advice on templates? Go slow. Learn Pligg well. Learn to change the bootstrap template appearance. Then when you find a template you really like... do your homework, make sure you really want it and the support for it is there, then go for it.
Question: how do I replace the logo "My Site" with my own logo
Answer: provided by jhawkin 83 days ago
- 0 + Don't forget, Pligg is very capable of editing most of it's own templates via the admin panel.
Question: how do I replace the logo "My Site" with my own logo
Answer: provided by jhawkin 82 days ago
- 1 + I don't know anything about rtl languages. I'd think it depends on the template files, css and a function that wouldn't need further changes. Images would still be the same as far as that goes. So header.tpl still carries the logo or images unless I'm missing something.
Question: [ASK] How to Set Email Verification in Pligg
Answer: provided by jhawkin 88 days ago
- 0 + are you saying you set this and it doesn't work?

That could be your server not being able to send email.
Question: Added directive in the .htaccess-file, and now I can't access admin panel.
Answer: provided by jhawkin 90 days ago
- 1 + You might want to rethink this or make sure you're returning '301' redirects and that SE referenced urls are not returning 404s.

Anyway, go back to your earlier, working version of htaccess and get into the admin panel. Copy that url to notepad or something.

Put the newer htaccess back and try for the admin. Copy that url to notepad or something.

Now go here and use this to create the rewrite and put the generated directive ahead of the SEO code you added earlier.

Tweak the htaccess as needed and test everything.