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Question: How to export user email list to excel or csv?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 1 day 9 hours ago
- 0 + That script was written years ago for the older Pligg version which used 'God' as the top level admin. The newer Pligg versions use 'admin' as the top level.

You might try modifying the 'is level = God' test portion to see if it still works with the newer versions.... My guess is it should.

I don't have a 2.0.x version running here except for one production site that I don't experiment with so I'm not able to check this myself. Do let us know if you get it working and what you had to do as this probably should be an added admin feature.
Question: Only Post from Domain Whitelist
Answer: provided by jhawkin 5 days ago
- 1 + You'll need to reverse the logic within whatever file handles the blacklist. Then use either the blacklist as a whitelist or create a new 'whitelist' and reference that in your modified code.

Better yet, add a whitelist, find the code that works with the blacklist. Copy it into the code (again), reverse the logic and reference the new white list there instead.

Make it configurable somehow; either from admin or by adding to the code or 'Rem out' the code that's not needed. and you'll have something there.

Normally you won't use a whitelist and blacklist together as the one renders the other just a waste of resources.

No, I don't know which file to modify off the top of my head, No, I won't do it as I don't need it myself and I am way busy with my own stuff.

You might find someone to build this for you but I encourage you to 'dive right in' and at least try it yourself first.
Question: How to change the background color of a single button in the top navigation bar.
Answer: provided by jhawkin 27 days ago
- 1 + Easy way? Use the Site Inspector in Firefox/Firebug to take a look at the CSS. Then a little looking in the template files, a little editing and you should be done.

Else I'll need a URL so I can use the same tools here to look at your site and possibly help you.
Question: Suggestion box
Answer: provided by jhawkin 28 days ago
- 0 + What's wrong with a paper suggestion box?

Did you want anonymous suggestions? Are the users remote users? Is this going to be on a intranet? Or will this be accessible from the web itself?

Pligg can be customized to do this. If the suggestion requires drawings or added files you'll want to use the upload module.
Question: Community Members Increasing
Answer: provided by jhawkin 35 days ago
- 0 + You're probably getting spammed. Pligg is often targeted by spammers because it's supposed to be fairly liberal about allowing posting and links. And out of the box Pligg installs welcome most any registration.

Tighten up your registration process. Require email verification.

I hope you are not allowing anonymous posts.

Make good use of Pligg's antispam modules.

Learn to block domains within Pligg.

Fliter out words that shouldn't normally be posted anyway.

Consider tweaking htaccess to block certain problematic IP addresses.
Question: How to add analatics code on my sbm pligg website?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 56 days ago
- 0 + I put mine in the meta.tpl file. That's site wide for the Pligg side anyway. You can put the Quantcast tracking code there also if you use Quantcast!

Don't forget the opening and closing literal tags.
Question: how to change pligg templets ?
Answer: provided by jhawkin 59 days ago
- 0 + You'll need to download the template first.

Pligg's template change/update doesn't work like WordPress' template system. You don't browse new templates and there's no demo of your site with the new template.

You just find a template you like, purchase or download the template, upload to your site and install using the admin menu.

Easy enough.
Question: Preview Not Working
Answer: provided by jhawkin 66 days ago
- 1 + Works fine for me but if you're referring to the 'step 3' submit preview then that isn't even working (probably not turned on in configuration).
Question: share idea with support team and other programmers
Answer: provided by jhawkin 67 days ago
- 0 + Most of the development energy in the other CMSs you mentioned happened outside of the core files of each of those CMS. Security, themes and plugins fuel most of their core changes as those items 'suggest' improvements.

The biggest short fall right now is documentation that digs deeper into Pligg's core than the Pligg support staff should even officially venture.

Here's an area that's just ripe for the picking if you have some technical expertise, can write well and/or collaborate with someone else who can. It's been something I've been wanting to do myself but between my web hosting venture, working a regular job and this 'content aggregation sites' idea I've been working on for the last two years I just haven't had the time.

It would really be sweet if Pligg should ever grow a documentation system comparable to WordPress' Codex.
Question: karma not change
Answer: provided by jhawkin 67 days ago
- 0 + The other user who upvoted may have actually liked the post and 'bothered' to 'like' the post to let the community know.

It's not really fair to penalize a user for liking some post that gets deleted later.

And removing Karma from a user who did nothing but participate in your community might discourage that user from being active any further or even coming back. Active users are precious commodities. Don't discourage them.... embrace them!!!!

Also, sooner or later any given post will most likely become redundant or broken due to the outside links/images being deleted. A few complaints from other users, down votes, or a 404 might prompt you to delete the post at that time.

You shouldn't remove karma from a user who liked the post when it was a viable, useful post!