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Question: Group Avatar not being uploaded in pligg 2.2
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 1 hour 10 minutes ago
- 1 + Check your folder permissions.
Question: URL as Story Title
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 6 days ago
- 2 + This shouldn't be too difficult. Basically you're just switching the smarty variables.

In whatever template you are using open the link_summary.tpl file and look for the following.


Replace it with


Then reupload the file and delete your template cache from the admin panel.

This should replace the linked title for each story as the submitted url.

Note: there should be 3 areas all right near each other that will need this modification. All located in /templates/bootstrap/link_summary.tpl lines 91-105
Question: Pligg for phone numbers instead of URL
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 7 days ago
- 1 + Go to settings > submit > require url for submission and set it to false.

Then right under it there is an option to show the url submission box and set it to false also.

You can then go into settings > modify language and change the word 'story title' to 'phone number'.

Hope that helps
Question: Why have some users not got Karma in their profile?
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 8 days ago
- 2 + Karma is earned.. If they have no Karma it means they haven't done anything to deserve it.
Question: Pligg Google Sitemap Module Purchase Problem !
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 16 days ago
- 2 + I just contacted Yankidank. Check your account again and see if download link is visible now.
Question: submit problem
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 17 days ago
- 2 + Contact your host. It means your server is not configured properly.
Question: submit problem
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 17 days ago
- 2 + They have your server running in 'safe mode' which they shouldn't.
Question: Where can get rss importer 1.2.2
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 18 days ago
- 2 + Yes that was a free module.. I am (still) not home right now or I would find a copy on my development server. If you have a copy you could probably just zip it up and upload it here and attach it to a comment for him.
Question: How can i make my pligg site a mobile app
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 24 days ago
- 1 + You could either learn all 3 of those programming languages and make your own apps or you could pay several thousand dollars and have them developed for you.
Question: Extension send new story, chrome
Answer: provided by ChuckRoast 25 days ago
- 1 + It's possible but they have to be custom made to each individual site.