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I am working on a site and need to add a new hook to put the status update module in. The template is otnewz. I've tried using the hooks that are already there but all of them are used at least once somewhere else on the site.
Does Pligg's Social Kit Pro includes Facebook Module, if not does it include facebook login/SignUp? Moreover, does pligg's social kit can be used with any other template like Pintin Template? Or it has to be used with specific templates that are included in the package?
Pligg works great in my site but untill now nobody can change templates in their profiles, and not me too. I purchase a lot of templates for nothing.
I was deleted all cookies in local browser, clean cache 50 times xD, try in another computer, one with GNU/Linux and one with OSX, and still not working.
Anybody else with same problem?
At the moment I only want admin to upload stories, therefore I want to hide the submit page from anyone else. How do I do this?
I bought the template Blue ice (blitpcms82513).
I unzipped the file and uploaded it to the folder Templates. I wrote the name blitpcms82513 under template settings and saved. When I saved I got this message:
This template may not be compatible with the latest features included with your version of Pligg. The template was designed for Pligg unknown, while you currently have installed 2.0.1. Are you sure that you want to install this template?
I pressed OK and went to my homepage and get this message:
Error: You may have typed the template name wrong or "blitpcms82513" does not exist. Click here to fix it.
What did I do wrong? It says that Blue Ice is compatible with Pligg 2.0.1

I have about 5 differents templates and enable users can change template, but no working. Always appear same template . Users view in Profile Configuration the templates but never changes. Tired of refresh and clear template cache, is not possible change template in user configuration.
HTML is disabled in comment section and it is not getting enabled even after modification in admin Submit section. It is showing html disable how can I enable it. Even admin is not able to post codes.

I want my users to post codes in comment section.
Please note: It is working in Submit story description.

1. HTML tags to allow to Normal users.
2. HTML tags to allow for Moderators.
3. HTML tags to allow for Admins.
I want to enable my users to add codes in the description box and comment box. How can this be done because when I am adding codes it is giving out the result part. For example,
Code I added:
<script type='text/javascript'>
<-- Text here -->

Code shown after posting:


Firstly, I would like to thank you Pligg Developers. Without your effort this would not have been possible.
I would also like to request the Pligg users to come together and help each other in recreating or redesigning the same. Please post every single tricks and tips you come across.
Thank you in anticipation,
Sayogita Chettri (Beta)
Can any one please me the following:

1. How do I increase the sidebar in a pligg.
2. How do i increase main content area in a pligg
3. How do I decrease the white space on both the sides (left & right) this is taking lots of space.