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i test all links of my web site online and find this problem:
i use URL_method 2 for SEO and all links work fine except this:
in ROOT/libs/html1.php file (line 801)
elseif ($x == "login") $ret = "/login.php?return=" . urlencode($var1);
I try this and work 50% good:
elseif ($x == "login") $ret = "/login/";
but when users logout and they submit link with bookmarklet the Submitting URL Gone because i Remove {{ . urlencode($var1)}}
how can i change this line that everythings work perfectly?
I understand this question has been asked before several times but I can't understand why my url is not being validated in any of the sites using pligg software.

I have been trying to submit article into various sites which use pligg as their CMS but I get same error on each of those sites i.e. URL is invalid or blocked.

Here is the url which I am trying to submit - Please see the page structure and let me know what is the actual issue, as I am unable to even find what the issue is so that I can resolve it. I already saw the same question on this support but that didn't helped. Any help or guidance would be highly appreciated, I also think that other users may also have faced this similar situation but I can't understand how to resolve and get the articles submitted. Thanks.
I have a new pligg site but the major problem is i do not get visitor in my site, My alexa still n/a, domain authority is "1". How do i boost my site?

Am i need to change meta keywords or description or not?

I see 404 error after using method 2 in SEO, i changed .htaccess.deafult to .htaccess and changed
RewriteBase /
RewriteBase /myDirectory

where should i add the meta description and search kewords for my pligg site? is there a plugin to do it?