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I have 2 problem:

The bigger one:
I get a "wrong step" error when I finish the last step of submitting a link.

I also had the problem that I can not edit links which are already online - I solved the problem by editing the csrf.php file (there I also had the Invalid Token (hack attempt) problem).

The problem appears with every template, also with the default template.

The 2nd problem:
It is not possible to save a link on my site. The button itsself does not work.

Does somebody know how to fix my problems?

Thanks in advance!

Pligg 2.0.2

I would like to know how the "Blue Ice" template works with 2.0.2.

Also I want to know if the pictures of the stories appear automatically or do I have to upload a picture for every story?

Does the auto content scraper works with this template (does it makes sense?)?


For those that are unaware disaster struck the other day. My entire house collapsed into a sinkhole and I'm now homeless. I've lost everything but the clothes on my back. The Red Cross has me set up in a motel till tomorrow. I am doing everything I can to find a place to live right now and my resources are very low so I've set up an Indiegogo page about it and updating it as I go. I won't be able to do any custom work, installations, or provide support here until I can get into a place and set up again. Please help me get back to Pligging full time again.
i need ChuckRoast email address , and Yankidank email address .