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Since you closed down the forum, i see very less free templates and modules.

Even modules which are so simple are priced.

With many open source apps offering more freebies(like wordpress, mybb and phpbb). Why we dont have much free stuff?

Is it lack of interest from developers or comfortable environment.. I am not sure which is missing.

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    I am very new to pligg and installed it off softaculous.. was not aware that new version came out just couple of weeks ago.

    Should code breaks template and modules everytime pligg is updated? if yes.. it should give tough time to theme dev and users.

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    The answer is pretty simple really. Pligg 2.0.0 final has only been out for a couple weeks. It's going to take some time to build up a good repository of compatible add-ons because a new version means that templates and modules are required to follow new standards for compatibility. The Pligg 1.x.x series started several years ago and was basically the same way. It took a while to build up a good number of add-ons for it.

    The reason why most developers charge for items is because they provide updates. Many times someone will create a free template or module for a specific version of Pligg and never update it.

    If you are serious about your website it's better to invest in a good template that will be updated over time. Of course it's not mandatory. You can always just use the default template, or use a free one and update it yourself manually as you go.

    Also by having paid products supports the project. It allows for server expenses, maintenance, administrative, and other ongoing operating expenses. It would be better if people looked at it like donating to the project and getting a little something extra in return as opposed to buying something.

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