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I want to add to my pligg website this link!forum/lets-make-a-wahtsapp-clone

but appear this

URL is invalid or blocked:!forum/lets-make-a-wahtsapp-clone

Why ? and how i can fix that ?

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    The reason I think is it's a bug in Pligg, rather than a "secure link". You can submit Google login page, Github login page, etc.

    Pligg will blocked or invalidate URLs with exclamation point ( ! ). Take away the exclamation point from that Google URL and it will be accepted.

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    Thanks oxyThemes for bringing up this issue. I did some research about why #! is used in the URL. It appears that it is meant for crawlers to indicate that the value after the #! is a dynamic content. you can read all about it here:

    However, the whole process of this is beyond the scope of how to fix the issue in Pligg code.

    Removing the ! does not work all the times. What needs to be done is working on the regex that validates the URL upon entering the link and pressing submit. I believe I made some progress with that but still need to test some more.

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    Nice catch on that one Oxy!

    I was thinking the problem came after the story was entered (when the link was clicked). Never thought about Pligg itself rejecting the well formed URL.

    Maybe using a URL shortener service to generate a new URL from that one would allow the URL to work from Pligg. Not a great fix but would allow a working solution until a code fix could be created.

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    Because it is a secure link and you must be signed in to the group to have access to it. When you navigate to the link, you get this message:

    Lets make a wahtsapp clone

    You must be signed in and a member of this group to view and participate in it.

    Sign in to view this group

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    after carefully dissecting the url validation pattern in /submit.php, I made some additions to validate the hash-bang #! and changes to the order of characters that were wrong.

    the new validation pattern validates well. I tested it on a lot of urls and it validated properly:

    The links below start with "http(s) | ftp






    "نحنا والقمر جيران&albnum=1&playnum=1&musinum=1&page_no=2"


    "" (only validates in the test but not on pligg)"

    "" (only validates in the test but not on pligg)"




    "☺" (only validates in the test but not on pligg)"


    1- Open submit.php

    2- Look for function do_submit1() { (it should be line 136 if you have not modified the code)

    3- Add $url = utf8_decode($url);

    right after $url = html_entity_decode($url);

    it will make sure the encoded urls are properly decoded.

    4- Comment the pattern on line 197

    do not delete any code, just comment it in case you want to revert back to it.

    5- Add this new pattern below the commented one

    $pattern = '/^(([w]+:)?//)?(([dw]|%[a-fA-fd]{2,2})+(:([dw]|%[a-fA-fd]{2,2})+)?@)?([dw]([.-dw]{0,253}[dw])?)+[w]{2,4}(:[d]+)?(([/#!+-_~.,dw]+|%[a-fA-fd]{2,2})*)*(??(&?([-+_~.,dw]|%[a-fA-fd]{2,2})=?)*)?(#([-+_~.,/dw]|%[a-fA-fd]{2,2})*)?$/';

    I will submit it on github too to be assessed.

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    Here's a similar issue for this problem:

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