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Pligg has 3 default story statuses: Published, Upcoming, and Discarded. I realize what the first two terms mean, but what is a "Discarded" submission?

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    The "Discarded" term for Pligg CMS represents stories that are awaiting deletion from the database. Similar to how in the Windows and Mac operating systems you can move files to a recycle bin, and then fully remove those files from your hard drive by emptying the bin.

    Discarded stories are removed from public view so that only administrators and moderators can see the submission when accessing the page URL.

    Should an admin want to remove the story permanently from the database, they can do that by running the "Delete Discarded Stories from Database" link available on the Admin > Manage > Submissions page or from the Admin Dashboard.

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    Isn't 'moderated' a fourth status?

    And I'm working on a 'hidden' status to keep some unwanted RSS submissions from being resubmitted. Deleting doesn't work as the RSS resubmits the deleted posts.

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    As it turns out, 'Moderated' is not a default status for stories, but it is for comments.

    Comments use: 'discard','moderated','published', and 'spam' statuses

    Stories use: 'discard', 'new', 'published', 'abuse', 'duplicate', 'page', and 'spam'.

    What is really odd about this is that I don't see any trace of the 'duplicate' status outside of the install script for Pligg. Pligg isn't using it right now, so I'm not sure why it even exists. Similarly, the 'abuse' status is not being used anywhere. I think that I will rename 'abuse' and remove 'duplicate' for the next version.

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