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Hi any one can help me to change this welcome message , which file i have to modify please help me about it and also please gide me how to change welcome email address
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    have a look in Modify Language

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    It took me a bit to find it (index_center.tpl).


    There are few things that should be changed automatically in the install process & this should be one of them.

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    How can I direct user directly to reregistration page when typing the home url ( if not signed up.

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    i have tried but not able to find can u please Gide me Exact File name or file which i modify to change this

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    /languages/lang_YourLanguage.conf (ex. lang_english.conf) will contain nearly all of the language items used by Pligg CMS.

    BTW. Your username 'admin' for is not allowed and I will be changing it now to something less generic.

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    Hi Yankidank,

    the only "thank you" message I have found on lang_english.conf (or modify language in settings of admin panel) is :

    // Start 1.0.2 Language File

    PLIGG_Visual_Register_Thankyou = "Thank you for registering %s!Please check your e-mail (inbox & spam/junk folder) for activation link."

    I would like to modify the "welcome message" when someone is registering and find this message on his inbox:

    Message: Thanks for registering on our site!

    Do you know where I can found this for tweaking?

    Thanks for the help!

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