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Installed the vbulletin mod. When I try to configure it just brings me to a page asking for my username and password. The url ends up being this.

If I enter my credentials it just oes the same thing.
I reinstalled the mod with the same results. I even updated the init.conf file with the correct db info, but no luck. Not sure why but the mod doesn't think I have admin access.

Possible Answers

    It appears that I forgot to update a line for 2.0 users. You can either follow the directions here or re-download the files from the product page ( and replace the vbulletin_main.php file with the new version.

    Open: vbulletin_main.php

    Find: $canIhaveAccess = $canIhaveAccess + checklevel('god');

    Replace with: $canIhaveAccess = $canIhaveAccess + checklevel('admin');

    I have also updated the Invision Power Board (IPB) module with the same fix.

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    I downloaded the new update and it worked! thank you for such a speedy response.

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